Your Wedding Ceremony – Why Not Laugh at Your Perfect Wedding Ceremony?

A wedding is a solemn occasion, which is to say a formal occasion. It is a sacred occasion but it does not need to be a stuffy occasion. You're getting married! Could anything be more fun? You've found your perfect partner and want to spend the rest of your life together, and oh by the way, you're going to! Does not that make you want to giggle?

So here are some ways to think about laughter in your wedding ceremony.

  • Giggle : I always like the effervescent feeling that being in love gives and when there's space in the wedding ceremony for pure enjoyment of that, so much the better! You can not script this, but you can make space for it.
  • Chuckle : This is a huge tension reliever. When some little thing goes wrong, and it will, point it out. Kids will be cute and not do what they've been asked to do. Rings will be dropped. Skirts will get in the way. If your officiant makes a little joke then everyone exhales and has a great time at the wedding.
  • Laughter : Have someone tell a story on you, or tell one on yourself. If you're people who laugh loudly and well, there's certainly that kind of story to tell. If you're people who take a wry and gentle humor in your life, there will be stories to tell (because you've told them!).

Then model the laugh you want to see in your wedding. Choose a celebrant who can help you laugh. Because you know, nothing should be more fun than marrying your beloved!

Source by Ann Keeler Evans

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