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Why You Should Let a Professional Create Your Own Wedding Photo Album

Your Uncle Ned may take lovely pictures of birds and puppies, but you've probably never considering hiring him as your wedding photographer. Cousin Matt may be a wizard with a video camera, but you're not really interested in a wedding video that looks like it was made for a heavy metal band. And Your Aunt Sissy may be very creative and make lovely scrapbooks, but no matter how much she wants to make the album of your wedding photos – do not let her. It may seem harsh, but your personalized wedding album will be one of your most treasured possessions and you want it to be perfect and to last forever. So give Aunt Sissy the job of making a scrapbook of the invitations, name cards, pressed flowers, and all the lovely accessories from your wedding, and hire a professional wedding album crafter to make your customized wedding photo album.

Experienced designers and crafters of wedding albums have made hundreds, maybe thousands of albums and know what it takes to give you the picture book you want. They will also take the most difficult, time-consuming tasks off your hands and make ordering and receiving your custom album a joy. Here's what you can expect from a reputable professional wedding album designer.

  • Photo selection – They'll go through ALL the pictures of your wedding and select the ones for your album (Do not worry, you'll have some input in this).
  • Design and Organization – Your designer will use the input you give them to design an album to suit your unique taste, and arrange the photos on the pages of your book.
  • Solid construction – The best wedding photo album use the best materials like leather for the cover, thick rigid "lay-flat" pages, mounted photos, solid one piece binding, and special Touches such as gilded edges, rounded corners and engraving. You will also get a handcrafted, not machine made, album so quality control is personally checked by a human being every step of the way.
  • Fast delivery. Because they are experts at crafting customized photo albums and have all the necessary materials on hand, the completed album of your wedding pictures should be delivered to your home within a month.
  • Reasonable pricing – If you're worried that hiring a professional to create your wedding album will be expensive – do not worry. Customized wedding albums can start as low as $ 300, and for $ 600 or more you can have the finest quality wedding photo book with beautiful, elegant touches that perfectly suit your style.

Of course, one of the most important considerations is how comfortable you feel with your wedding album designer. Are they well established and live up to their promises? Are they easy to work with? Do they really understand your vision and share it with you? Do they handle every step of the process from design to assembly? (Some just do the design work and you have to find a company to produce the album). Be sure to check out some different wedding album crafters and select the one that feels right for you. Your wedding planner or photographer should be able to recommend someone. Or you can easily find a wedding album designer on the web, such as zookie.

As much as you love your Aunt Sissy, you will want to love your personalized wedding photo album as well. And you will, if you use a professional to create it.

Source by Amber Kahn

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