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Why Get Confirmed With the Holy Spirit

Confirmation is an important practice within the Christian church. There are various reasons on why get confirmed in the church. Church Confirmation involves getting anointed on the forehead. It can also involve a light slapping on the cheek in order to learn to be a soldier of Jesus Christ and show readiness to suffer for one's faith.

During the confirmation ceremony, church leaders such as priests pray for those being confirmed and lay hands on their heads. In this connection, people need to know why get confirmed because this will show the importance of the ceremony to all Christians.

One reason for Confirmation is to experience the love and power of God in a unique way. This can make a person to start praying more, attending church functions, helping other people and essentially doing what draws them closer to God. This is also a good way to experience the grace of God to succeed in life because a person is more closer to God. Confirmation brings people closer to God because after confirmation, people spend more time with God through praying and helping other people in the community. They also leave their sinful ways and start a new life. Therefore getting closer to God is one of the reasons for why get confirmed.

The other reason for why get confirmed is to receive the Holy Spirit. This is because, during Confirmation, priests will lay hands on the confirmand, allowing the Holy Spirit to come down into their hearts. Confirmation makes people more receptive to the Holy Spirit which makes them to feel changed in their hearts. In addition, people also feel charged with a spiritual force they had not experienced before the confirmation. The Holy Spirit comforts people, strengthens their faith, and enhances good decision making. This shows that people get confirmed in order to receive the Holy Spirit.

Confirmation of Faith is the other reason for why get confirmed. Faith is important for Christians because it helps them to put their trust in God. It is thus good to ensure that people have faith which will help them to serve God well. Getting confirmed is one way of showing faith because it helps people to demonstrate their believe in God. Moreover, it also helps people to reaffirm their membership in the church and this makes them to feel more connected to other people in the church.

Becoming more responsible is another reason for getting confirmed. Confirmation helps people to become more responsible in the church because they can come to church every week, pray more and ensure that they imitate the actions of Jesus Christ. In addition, when people receive their Confirmation, they also receive the sacrament as a symbol God's love and life. This makes people get the feeling that the Holy Spirit will love them and be with them all the time. The sacrament also confirms that people will remain active in the church. In this connection, there are various reasons for why get confirmed.

Source by Samantha Gold

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