Why Every Mom Should Take a Mother’s Day Out

What is a Mother’s Day Out?

A mother’s day out can be as simple as leaving the kids with your husband to have a day to yourself. Or it can be a regularly scheduled program you are signed up with at a local church. Maybe it’s taking a few minutes to read your favorite website. A Mother’s Day Out is a time for mom to walk away and regroup for a bit. Run errands, engage in activities that are difficult to enjoy with children underfoot, and rest!

Who can benefit from having a Mother’s Day Out?

I am of the firm belief every mother needs some time to herself. From time to time we all have those moments where we just need a break! Especially for those moms who have young children who need so much of mom’s time and energy every single day.

Do you feel guilty taking a break? Please don’t. Every human being is allowed some time to rest and recharge, just because you’re a mom doesn’t mean that doesn’t apply to you! If you do feel guilty, make the time productive. Eventually you’ll ease into a routine and look forward to your break. You’ll find that you return to your children refreshed and energized. A mother’s day out could be just the thing you need to increase the quality of your time with your children.

What are some advantages of a regular Mother’s Day Out?

  1. Socialization for your children
  2. Opportunity to engage in social settings child free for mom
  3. Help with separation anxiety. If you leave and come back, kids learn to trust that it’s okay for mom to leave. They know that you will be back.This will be a helpful skill when they go into school full time!
  4. Ability to run errands and complete chores quickly and get them out of the way so you can spend more quality time with your children (instead of “mommy is mopping…go to your room!”).
  5. Time to rest and recharge! Even moms need a time-out sometimes!

What if traditional Mother’s Day Out programs are out of my price range??

Switch off with your spouse. Each of you gets a certain amount of time every week to themselves. Or switch off with another mom. You can watch her kids while she takes some time to herself and vice versa. Enlist grandparents to watch their grandkids on a regular basis so you can get some time to yourself.

Whether you pay for a program, read your favorite mom blog or just leave the kids with dad for a few hours…make it a regular occurrence. Knowing you have a designated time to complete tasks, rest and relax can increase your patience and the quality of the time you have with your children throughout the week!

Source by Heather Shaw

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