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Why Does A Lawyer Logo Always Consist Of A Balanced Weighing Scale?

Google ‘lawyer's brand mark' and you will see that every fourth other picture contains an image of a balanced weighing scale.

It may be a simple image of weighting scales that are balanced or an exotic image of a blind folded woman holding the scales; but the scales will be there. The design may be crafted like a silhouette or a photograph but the basic concepts are always somewhat similar.

So why is every other attorney trying to comprehend an image of the scales in their trademark design?

The strongest competitive advantage that a lawyer logo can play with is distinctness and if all the lawyers are using similar concepts and images in their brand mark then how will it be different from each other?

One of the main reasons why scales are used in businesses related to law and regulation is because a balanced weighing scale is known as justice and fairness which is one of the key features that any lawyer wants to depict with his business mark. This way he is assuring his potential customers of his honesty and integrity and is luring them towards him.

But would a customer really be attracted towards your law firm when he can see similar emblems everywhere on the street?

I highly doubt that.

To attract the customers, you need to create a symbol that is distinct from others yet has the same underlying effect.

One way to come up with a different trademark sign is to list down all the features that a good lawyer must possess. For example, a great lawyer must be honest, brave, just, possess integrity and sound knowledge related to his field.

Now take any one of those qualities and craft them in the form of an image. For example, you can create an abstract of a knight's head and helmet to represent courage and justice. This will also give the emblem a traditional and historical look which will be appealing to the viewers.

You can also use an image of a lit torch to depict knowledge and wisdom or an illustration of a lion's head to depict courage and strength. An eagle is also a popular choice to be depicted as a symbol of sharp sight and strength for professions.

Because law is one of the oldest professions ever, a touch of tradition and history will look quite appealing in a lawyer logo design.

For that you can use brown color prominently and intricately illustrated designs to give the emblem a delicate and traditional appeal.

In conclusion, if you are designing a brand mark related to law, then make sure that the emblem you craft is a true reflection of your profession but is distinct from others.

Source by Beverly Houston

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