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Where to Find Great Bathroom Design Ideas That Will Not Blow Your Budget

Because the bathroom is a very private room that most people will not see, it is a room where you can really express yourself. Of course, a bathroom is limited in how much you can rearrange things because of the location of plumbing, electrical outlets and load bearing walls without getting into major renovation and expense. Even if you can not change any of the major fixtures, you can still come up with many bathroom design ideas that will transform the entire look of the room.

Take some time and really look at the bathroom that you wish to redesign. Be realistic about your budget and how in-depth you wish to go. Are you contemplating teasing up the floor covering or the tile work on the walls around the sink and bathtub? If so, will you be doing the work yourself or hiring it out? You really need to have a fully developed plan and a vision of what you hope to accomplish before you even remove the first toothbrush. Grab some graph paper and measure the room or use home remodeling freeware that you can download from the Internet to help you see the finished project.

Frequent your local home improvement and home décor stores to help you get an idea of ​​your likes and dislikes and what is available. If the bathroom is to be used primarily for children, investigate safety devices that can be installed such as tankless water heaters that can be set to safety recommended levels so the hot water never becomes hot enough to burn small hands. Also, you can install mirrors that are made of safety glass, which are much safer around children. Some other design ideas for children's bathrooms is to hang hooks and towel racks lower to make them more accessible and install a flooring that will stand up against the puddles of water that will, in all likelihood, accumulate.

For your own bathroom, consider the layout and the style that you are going for. Even if you can not afford it or if it is not feasible to replace the major items such as the bathtub, shower, sink or toilet, you can still create quite a different design with your choices in other areas. For instance, changing the look of the walls from plain white to something richer and more elaborate will definitely make a huge difference. If you do not like the look of wallpaper or you find it very difficult to hang, but you still want some sort of pattern, mural or faux paint effect, you can learn how to do these paint effects yourself.

Either through informative videos, books, or classes held at many home improvement stores. If you do not feel that you would be able to do a good enough job, consider asking someone you know who may be a little more talented in that area or go to your local high school or college's art department and see if anyone could be Recommended to you. They may also be able to use their artistic eyes and suggest even more bathroom design ideas.

Source by Willhelm Williams

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