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What Would Donald Trump Do?

Often I think of successful people and ask the question …

What would they do if they were in my position?

As I am sat here writing this in my office … I ask myself what would someone like Donald Trump do if he was running my business? He would not be sat here writing this article that's for sure, but what steps could I take to help my business earn more money?

The first step to answering that is to realize that action on its own is absolutely worthless. If you are not in alignment with your goal, no matter how much physical action you take, you will not succeed. It's vibrationally not possible to get what you want without first aligning your energy with it first.

Once you grasp that … I mean truly forgive that … you then have to realize that your action must be different. Instead of physical action, you must take non-physical energetic action that can move your vibration.

If you want to earn $ 1,000,000.00 this year, you MUST be first energetically aligned with that money. That's where your work is! It is not about finding the right idea. It's not about meeting the right person and going to the right event. All of that stuff will happen. Your work … right now, today, is to get yourself emotionally prepared for your desires to manifest.

That means appreciating your current situation more. That means basking out of the window dreaming about the details of what it is like to have what you want. That means every time you notice yourself doing that thing you always do to keep you happy about your current situation, that you notice it and then stop doing it.

That is where your work is. That should be your priority. That should be on the top of your list in every moment and then as you become more and more aligned the evidence of what you want will come. It is law. It comes every time. But you have to get yourself in alignment first, before you can have the physical manifestation.

So, what would Donald Trump do if he was in my shoes right now? He would work on his vibrational attitude towards what desires I have. He would feel the delight of already having what it is that I want. He would already be in that place of having and then and only then, would he take action that he is inspired to take.

Source by Gary Evans

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