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What is Ethical Fashion and Why is it Important?

Ethical Fashion represents the idea of adopting fashion, yet, following fashion in a way that has organic standards. These standards have fair trade in mind while buying and wearing fashion items. The principles of fair trade are about the workers who work on the fabric.

Cotton is one of the most frequently used fabrics in the decent fashion and organic clothes. Hence, the standards of Fair trade require fair compensation and wages for the growers of the cotton. It also requires that when trading the cotton, it is important to prevent children or women during the harvest of the crop.

The organic standards are watchful while growing cotton. The monitoring of the harvest is essential to them. They make sure not to use any chemicals and pesticides to prevent damaging the environment. Many designers and sellers now add green and organic clothes to their clothing lines.

Decent Fashion is a way of caring for your environment. It is protecting the rights of Mother Earth and the people who contribute in the preparation of wearable cloth. This is what makes Decent Fashion a considerably growing market. While it may not be very easy to find clothes that follow decent fashion, there are still several brands in the UK that are doing very well with their clothing lines that are designed considering the ethics related to fashion.

In the UK, ‘Marks and Spencer' is a leading brand in clothing. They specialise in clothes of fair trade cotton. They have specific lines that are ethically fashioned. They are still working on making most of their clothing lines ethically fashionable in a few years' time.

Ethical Fashion plays a significant role in making the fashion industry socially and environmentally sustainable. Considering fashion industry as one, that is the most exploitative in the world, in terms of people as well as the environment.

Several brands are making clothes following ethical fashion. There are also other organisations promoting the concept of ethical fashion, hence proving the importance of the idea, ethical fashion serves multi purposes. The most important ideas are reduction in environmental damage, reduction in poverty, and a raise in the image and standards of the fashion industry.

Realising the importance and popularity of Ethical Fashion many brands have introduced special lines. The most notable among these brands are ‘Howies', ‘People Tree', ‘Seasalt', ‘Kuyichi', ‘Patagonia', ‘Timberland', ‘Equop' and ‘Little Green Radicals' are among others.

Source by Sarah J Jones

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