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What Are Wedding Confetti Cards? Plus 5 Unique Ways To Use Them During Your Wedding

Traditionally, wedding gift tags, wedding favor tags or as they are also known as, confetti cards, are attached to small gifts or wedding favors to thank your guests for sharing in your special day. Confetti cards are normally larger than the standard thank you hang tags which are popular among American wedding favor manufacturers, with an average size of 2 inches tall by 3 inches wide. These gift cards normally have novelty patterns and unique designs to match your wedding theme. Confetti cards have a plethora of uses in your wedding reception.

Here are 5 unique ways to use your confetti cards.

1) Place Card or Seating Card – Since confetti cards are the average size of place card frames, you can slip these cards into place card frames or holders to help organize your seating assignments. You can also punch a hole in the top or corner of the card, string ribbon through the card and attach to the place setting or hang from the back of the chair for assigned seating.

2) Buffet Menu Labels – If you are having a buffet style wedding menu, you can use place card holders to stand these cute cards in front of each dish, identifying what it is.

3) Guest Book Cards – Place these cards on your guest book table with a container such as a jar or bowl for guests to sign their names and wishes to the happy couple

4) Marriage Advice Cards – Present confetti cards and a pen near your guest book and advise your guests to write a note of advice for the newly married couple. Provide a place for these cards to be deposited into.

5) DJ Request Cards – Place a few on your tables with a pen and allow guests to write their requests to be collected and handed to the DJ for after dinner dancing.

These are just a few of the ways to use your confetti wedding favor tag cards. With a bit of imagination, you will find a variety of uses in your wedding for these charming little cards.

Source by Erica Tevis

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