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Wedding Venues – Scotland

The wedding destination is one of the most important elements that makes a wedding not just a wedding, but a day to remember. It is important for many different reasons such as the weather, and the back drop for the photographs. Wedding photographs are vital for giving you a prerequisite representation of your wedding day. So the backdrop can make all the difference in the photos.

It has become more and more common for people to find different and unusual venues to hold their weddings. From castles to beaches and even universities, people are looking for better and prettier places to make their vows all the more special. So out with the boring and normal hotel and registrar office, it's time to think outside of the box.

There are many amazing and unique places to get married in Scotland. For instance, there are many castles that Scotland from Edinburgh Castle, Stirling Castle and also Dunvegan Castle in the Isle of Skye that make perfect venues to hold your special day. You can be King and Queen for the day, wandering the grounds and getting perfect photos to help you remember your day.

The beaches in Scotland are some of the cleanest and scenic beaches in the world, known for their typically stunning landscapes. St Andrews bay is a very popular beach which is located on the east of Scotland while on the west, Troon beach offers similar elements. Many people are opting for the white sands of the beach where they can get amazing photographs of their day without having to go abroad.
Additionally, the small islands off of the coast of Scotland are full of picturesque places to hold your wedding day. Arran, Skye and Lewis all have unspoilt natural landscapes that are perfect for wedding days and creating some of the most unique backgrounds for the wedding photographs.

A wedding at Glasgow University is another venue that will produce a fabulous backdrop for you photos. This building is centuries old, standing tall in the middle of Glasgow's West end. It has become one of Glasgow's most iconic buildings with many couples now choosing to hold their special ceremony here. This is a very thought after venue and so to be able to hold your wedding here, you must be an alumni of the university.

To compliment these venues and to get the best out of them, Scotland wedding photography is growing, to enable couples to get the perfect pictures of their days. These special wedding photographers are able to capture the true essence of their surroundings which compliment the bride and groom while making the back drop a feature instead of just a background. An award winning wedding photographer in Edinburgh is Mark Archibald who has created stunning contemporary wedding photography for hundreds of satisfied couples.

There is a wide variety of seasons within Scotland that can give couples a more unique venue that in turn will provide some of the best backdrops for wedding photographs helping to bring the wedding day memories to life.

Source by Pamela Weaver

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