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Wedding Stationery – Making The Right Choice

Start as you mean to go on by making the right choice. It’s a bit like picking the right partner. So many to choose from but only one will do. That is a bit like wedding stationery so many options but only one will be right for you!

20 years ago you could only find wedding invitations in specialised wedding books at your local printers. Supplied by one company the styles and cards were dated and very much the same sort of thing. Perfectly acceptable for those times. Or small printing firms with letterpress printing machines turning around foil or gilded quality cards on heavy card stock.

But as we moved on even 15 years back new companies with new ideas could be found in the wedding magazines offering something different to the old formats. Humorous wedding invites could be found which was certainly a breath of fresh air. This period was the start to lots of smaller companies creating what they felt was the right style and design. So all of a sudden we have a wave of new opportunity for all bride and grooms.

In the following years the wedding market has grown and now we can see paper merchants bringing out new and exiting papers that can be used. Pearlescent,

handmade watermarked and textured all suitable and appropriate for invites.

So as you can see from a humble marketplace it has certainly moved on.

Every big department store provides everything for the bride to be. After all this is a lucrative market that turns over hundreds of millions a year. More and more companies can’t be a bad thing for the consumer. Plus the internet has opened up the market yet further. Those small companies in the very beginning can still find customers and run a business online without having a shop presence. So as the wedding market place has expanded more products are on show and at competitive prices. So a win situation for everyone.

What is the future for wedding stationery how is that going to work out?

There is going to be demand for every style and design from the past and in the future.

Because we have an insatiable appetite for being individual. The letterpress printers and gilders will still find work the small home based companies will be there and the department stores also. The niche companies producing niche products for everyone taste are still going to be there. As the larger department stores only cater for the larger section of the market. So all in all it is looking healthy for the consumer.

Advice to any getting married and wants to find the perfect stationery for themselves.

1) Go to wedding shows see the options and pick up a deal or discounted stationery.

2) Tap in your chosen keywords online to see the to find for the style of stationery you want, and see what comes up.

3) Visit department stores online and off to see their selections

4) Pick up a magazine to flick through and get as many ideas as possible.

Source by Tim Olden

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