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Wedding Scrapbook Ideas – Mementos From Your Wedding

A wedding is a very memorable event as it is everyone's hope to have the perfect wedding. The best way to keep your wedding very much alive aside from a collection of photos and a video is to create a photographic diary where you can put all your wedding scrapbook ideas into. To help with your creation of a scrapbook, here are some mementos to add to your wedding scrapbook ideas.


Your wedding invitation was the first step in finalizing the wedding plans. You can paste a copy of your wedding invitations to one of the front pages of your scrapbook as a start of your wedding scrapbook ideas. Decorate with ribbons for a special look.

Confetti or Rice

Instead of glitter, why not use confetti or rice from your own wedding? Spread glue lightly around photo frames or maybe even around the invitation and sprinkle confetti or rice over for a complete wedding look.


Another thing especially given attention to at weddings is the table napkins. Napkins are usually folded nicely and in the same color as the wedding theme. Use the napkin as background to your layout.

Place Cards

Those little table cards with the names of your guests can be useful to your scrapbook. Use place cards as side embellishments for the pages with the photos of your guests.

Pressed Flowers

Another special memento from your wedding that can be added as part of your wedding scrapbook ideas are the flowers. Save a flower or at least a part of a leaf or petal and have it pressed for your scrapbook.

Source by Bernadine Otis

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