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Wedding Planning – How To Have A Great Inexpensive Wedding

It is a natural tendency to spend a lot for a wedding and couples usually struggle to stay within a specified budget for this event.

To cut down on expenditure on flowers, you can have your wedding in December. Expenses can be kept low as reception sites, hotels, churches and the like are already decorated beautifully with flowers. For a more intimate layout, you can even look at more historic homes. You can also consider a botanical garden or your local garden club as a potential venue for your wedding and reception. These two places will be traditionally decorated throughout the year and you can cut down substantially on your wedding expense. A pretty bed and breakfast can make heighten the intimate session.

Photography is a cost you usually have to bear because nobody wants to miss out the recording of any timeless occasion. Make sure a professional photographer takes your formal portrait and does not assign this job to a friend. Photographers usually charge by the hour and you can send them off after the ceremony, keeping cameras on the tables with cards asking the guests to take photos. Keep a clearly visible and marked basket near the exit so that your guests can drop the cameras on their way out. Ensure that your bridal party and families clearly understand this concept. If a relative or friends opts to take photographs, you can thank them and ask them to take photos during the reception. You must pay for the film as well as the developing. Make sure the negatives are handed to you so that you can order any enlargements or reprints that you might want.

Reception will be one of the largest expenses that you will bear. A canned dinner is more expensive than a buffet but you can also think out of the box and arrange a barbeque, a picnic or an afternoon tea. Although, in general, a Christmas wedding would work out cheaper, many seasons hike their prices during this time especially on Friday and Saturday. You can opt for a Sunday wedding as this day is usually 'off' for most clubs and restaurants.

You can even try to prepare some of the food yourself. You can cook and freeze some items in advance. Getting your family involved with them cooking their family recipes is not such a bad idea either. Every guest who attends will definitely be impressed.

Source by Abhishek Agarwal

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