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Wedding Planning For Grooms

Choosing the flowers, picking out a cake and arranging the wedding photo albums need not be relegated to brides alone – grooms can also play a meaningful role in the wedding planning process. Still, not every man wants to get involved on a detailed level. Many grooms-to-be may find they prefer to handle the more logistical aspects of the big day, while their fiancee makes decisions on colors and favors. Arranging transportation is one area where men can take a lead role. This may include phoning the limousine, helping guests with their travel plans, and booking flights for the honeymoon. Similarly, a groom may want to research and secure accommodation for out-of-town guests.


Before proceeding to the altar, men may happy to be the ones who call the marriage license bureau and schedule an appointment, as well as determining if there are any other requirements – such as a blood test – that need to be taken care of. Of course, a groom is naturally concerned about looking their best in the wedding album, so it makes sense for him to be in charge of choosing attire for himself and the groomsmen – perhaps with the bride giving the final OK. Setting up fittings for everyone is part of this responsibility, as is returning rental tuxes on time.


After every groomsman has played his part and posed for the wedding photo albums, it is traditional to present them with a token of appreciation. Grooms should take their buddies' tastes and preferences into account to choose a suitable gift. Finally, men who are anticipating their big day should make sure they plan ahead for their toast, if they plan to give one. A thoughtful and eloquent sentiment expressed on this important day will create lasting memories to complement those captured in the wedding albums.

Source by Sarah Beldo

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