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Wedding Photography – Choosing The Perfect Photographer For The Occasion

Wedding photography is one of the more important fields of photography as the pictures taken in weddings have special emphasis in people's lives. Portraits are vital in wedding photography and usually people include this in their photography schedule. But it finally depends on how good your photographer is. Here are some tips for finding the right photographer.

Equipments are one of the basic requirements for photography. Photographers who are relatively new to the profession probably will not have all the expensive equipment that is required. This does not mean that they are bad photographers, but they may miss some important wedding moments while relating film in an unfamiliar camera. A wedding photographer must have at least a digital camera of professional grade and at least two film cameras. An experienced photographer will be able to handle a digital camera with relative ease and will have sufficient cameras with enough experience relating lens changes. They should also have an assistant who can run a video camera to get the entire wedding on tape.

The fee charged by the photographer really depends on how much experience he or she has. Photographers, who have been in the circuit for long enough, usually charge from three thousand to about ten thousand dollars. It mostly depends on the kind of package you choose and the number of assistants the photographer will need to cover the wedding. Less experienced photographers can charge anywhere between three hundred to three thousand dollars depending on their experience and package you choose. A well-established wedding photographer will definitely charge more for the name alone. Packages typically speak of the equipment used and the experience of the photographer. Although there is no requirement for film change in digital cameras, they are expensive to buy and so new photographers may charge a little more for the equipment cost as well.

The fee paid to the photographer is a secondary matter. The photography skills are what truly determine whether the particular photographer is worth it or not. As soon as they look at the venue of your wedding or reception they will be able to come up with great ideas about placing of lighting and equipment. You can even ask them to show you a portfolio of the weddings that they covered in the past. Wedding photography is all about capturing those special moments that pass between yourselves and your family. The best photographs are those that are taken naturally. For instance, those moments when your betrothed is looking at you with love when nobody else is looking. A wedding photographer must have an eye for such moments and be able to capture it in addition to taking portraits.

Often people include their wedding photographs in their homes along with other portraits. The portraits include the bride holding flowers, the entire wedding party in a pose, the bride and groom together etc. Traditional wedding photography always includes one picture of the hand with the rings on either a pillow or around the bride's waist. How the wedding couple is arranged is just as important. The wedding photographer should be able to tell you which pose is the best in the light conditions.

On an important day like a wedding, photography is a must. If you have any ideas about how you want your photos to come out, you can always share them with your photographer to help them materialize. After all, wedding is all about your moments and you want to be sure to capture them.

Source by Abhishek Agarwal

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