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Wedding Photographs – Some Basic Information

A reputable wedding photographer does far more than simply point the camera in the right direction and take pictures. A good wedding photographer needs to have people skills, and be able to arrange the guests and keep them calm so the pictures come out perfectly.

In order to be sure that he has the correct facts about your photographic requirements, a wedding photographer will want to interview the bride-to-be and groom. It is important that he is aware of the type of pictures you are looking for. He will probably suggest a number of poses and you will be able to tell him if you are agreeable to these or not. Once he knows what pictures you want he will fill out a photo planner, so he is sure to include all the poses and group photo requirements. If you have a large list of group photos that you want taking, the photographer may ask if there is a helpful family member available on the big day. Because the photographer does not know your friends and family, it is difficult for him to know if everyone who should be in the group photograph is included; But a close family member will know everyone and therefore be able to help the photographer and organize groups when the time comes.

As well as taking the planned photographs, the photographer will also be taking many hundreds more consistently throughout the day. He will be on the lookout for opportune moments at all times. Some wedding photographers like to take a second shooter or an assistant along with them, so even more important moments can be recorded.

During the interview, you will be able to get a good idea if you can build a rapport with your wedding photographer. In the event that you do not think this is likely, it may be time to interview an alternative photographer because the pictures are not likely to turn out well if you do not like the photographer's personality.

Before the big day, you should determine exactly what your photographer will be covering. Some people want to have photographs taken from the very start of the day while they are preparing for the wedding and getting dressed. They may like the photographer to attend the wedding reception, and not leave until the couple has driven off on their honeymoon. Others just want the main ceremony recorded. The coverage is entirely up to you, but this should most definitely be decided on early on in your discussions with the photographer.

Source by Sara J. Edwards

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