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Wedding Photograph Albums – How To Secure Long Lasting Memories Of The Big Day

There are a multitude of things to arrange for any wedding – some pleasant and some less so. When it comes to remembering memories of the big day however, the wedding photography album plays an awful part – so it is important that a little time is taken beforehand to consider how you want the album to look and what you want it to contain.

When it comes to the layout, if you took a peek at any modern day wedding photograph album and compared it to your parent's generation you would not see an intense difference. The typical album layout contains a portrait of the bride in her gown and then further photos of the bride and groom usually in picaresque surroundings. Next will come pictures of the entire wedding party all dressed up for the occasion. This is of course the group of people that play a significant part in the day's activities such as the bridesmaids and the best man. The bride will have a picture of her with her attendants and then usually the groom with his best men.

The next two sections are those reserved for the groom and his family and then the bride and her family. The wedding photograph album will also be presented so as to complement the service with a fancy cover and expensive laid inner pages with covers over each image. Most wedding photo albums are presented in white to symbolize the purity of the service with traditional wedding symbols on the cover.

When it comes to the size of wedding photograph albums: 4 x 6, 5 x 7 and 8 x 10 are the most common sizes, with leather bound being the most popular presentation.

Tradition states that wedding albums use gold or silver (especially the text) with the photos laid out inside shaped 'masks' for added effect. These days, wedding photographers will probably have a digital version of the wedding photographs available on a computer disc. Many hundred of images can now be stored on a CD Rom which makes these digital wedding photo albums simple to carry around and display on a TV screen with little chance of damage. These shots can also be uploaded to an online photo sharing site which means online wedding photo albums are now also becoming popular.

Images stored on disc are easily reproduced so every single guest can benefit from a full set of pictures in a digital wedding photo album. There are a number of benefits to this because not only can the images be viewed digitally but also printed out in the traditional manner at home or at a regular photo printing store. As modern technology allows even the newer digital photo frames to become more commonplace, where photos like this can be viewed at random.

Source by Scott Salter

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