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Wedding Photo Album is a Must For a Memorable Wedding

Just like many areas of weddings generally, the traditional wedding photo album still has a strong presence in ‘yesteryear' but things are changing with more modern versions starting to appear. The modern photo albums contain portraits of the bride alone with her dress arranged for the picture; her mother's album probably has a similar picture and there may even be a close resemblance. Most photographers will then find a special location after the ceremony to take some warm pictures of the married couple together for the album after the service.

Next of the photos you will find in a modern wedding photo album will be one with the wedding party dressed in their finery. The whole group is made up of friends and family of the bride and groom; there is probably a very similar picture in their parent's album. Next the images of the bride with her bridesmaids and other attendants that helped her on the day.

Of course you cannot leave the groom out and his pictures with all his family members then once that is complete the bride will go through the same procedure. The wedding photo album will also be presented so as to complement the service with a fancy cover and expensive laid inner pages with covers over each image. Wedding photo albums will normally be in white with traditional decoration in the form of wedding bells and horseshoes; usually embossed to enhance the appearance further.

Wedding albums are normally a combination of white with silver trim which are the traditional colors associated with weddings with the images arranged in a way to capture attention. It may be a long while before physical albums are replaced but a more permanent record of the day can now be shown on a cd rom or dvd which most wedding photographers are able to supply themselves. With digital media so inexpensive these days you can almost guarantee that the whole album will be available on a disc which can contain every image at a fraction of the cost.

These are easily sent to the guests so everyone gets a copy, and the computer discs are much easier to store than the traditional wedding photo albums. It is just as easy then for guests to look at the photos at their own leisure and have copies of their favorite shots printed off whenever they wish. As modern technology allows even the newer digital photo frames will become more commonplace, where photos like this can be viewed at random.

Source by Arshad Abdullah

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