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Wedding Invitations – Should You Buy Them Online or From a Real Shop?

Should you go with the new trend and buy your wedding invitations online or should you buy them from a ‘real' store? Both options have advantages and disadvantages and those should be seriously considered when you start searching for you dream wedding invitations.

Buying your wedding invitations from a physical store

With this option the advantages are obvious. You get to look at the invitation first hand and physically examine it. The quality of the paper and the print can easily be inspected and you can compare between different products with no trouble. If you are looking for matching envelopes or matching accessories for your invitations you can have a play then and there and see for yourself what works and what doesn't.

What are the disadvantages?

The first one is convenience. You have to drive to the store, find a parking space and of course make sure you get there during opening hours. This is especially difficult if you don't live in a big city. The next disadvantage is the sales people ‘helping' you choose your favorite design. Another disadvantage is the small selection. There are only so many designs that can be offered in one store. Compare that to the huge selection you can find online and you get the point. The last disadvantage of buying your wedding invitations from a real store is making a spontaneous decision. You're in the store, you see something that you like and then you buy it without really thinking about it, comparing prices or looking at other designs in a similar style.

Buying your wedding invitations from an online shop

The biggest disadvantage is not being able to inspect the paper and the overall quality of the invitation. The only way around that is to ask for samples. Some manufacturers offer free samples and others would ask for a small or not so small fee for them. It's a small expense but a necessary one. Not only because of the quality of the invitation but also because colors may vary from your screen to the printed product, and if you want to be sure of the color you're ordering, you need to see a physical sample. Also, with the right lighting, photography and styling some invitations look so much better on the screen than in real life and vice versa – Some invitations just don't look so great on the screen, but in real life they are just gorgeous!

There are lots of advantages to getting your wedding invitations online.

Large selection is one of them. There are hundred of thousands of designs on the web and with a few clicks you can view an astounding number of options. You will probably start with the wide search term ‘wedding invitations' and slowly narrow it down to ‘pocket wedding invitations' or ‘black wedding invitations', etc. Searching images is a great tool to see a large selection of invitations very quickly.

The second important advantage of getting your wedding invitation online is convenience. You can browse from the comfort of your couch wearing your favorite pajamas and do it at any time that is convenient to you from the privacy of your home or during your lunch break. When shopping for wedding invitations online you can ‘bookmark' your favorite designs and then easily show them to your fiancĂ© so you can make the decision together. Social network sites like Facebook and Pinterest offer great tools for online shoppers.

Another major advantage of buying your wedding invitations online is price. Online shops tend to be cheaper than real stores. With smaller running costs and less overhead fees online wedding stores can offer very attractive prices.

Every bride is looking for that unique wedding invitation and would like to stay within her budget. You can do it whether you decide to shop online or in a real store. Your shopping style and your computer skills, will probably determine if you're an online shopper or a traditional in store shopper.

Source by Polly Perron

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