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Wedding Ideas – Great Ideas For a Wedding

Planning a wedding can be a difficult task as there are so many factors to take into consideration, from the service itself through to the honeymoon. Here are a few ideas to help you create that perfect day.

Themes and Colors
To give your wedding that personal, original touch you may want to think about setting a theme and color scheme for the day. This can also be helpful for focusing your planning, as a central theme will flow through all aspects from the wedding envelopes through to the table decorations.

One of the most popular color schemes is the traditional white wedding, which is usually complemented by one or two pastel shades, or a bolder statement with a deep rich red or purple. These days however, weddings are getting much more daring and inventive, so think about which colors you like and be creative from there!

Many couples enjoy having a particular theme for their wedding, which can create a really personal and individual touch. For example if you are fond of a certain decade, such as 1930's you could set your wedding around this theme, from the outfits through to the music. You might also want to think about what time of year you are getting married, and if it is in mid winter then a Christmas themed wedding can be a wonderful way to celebrate your big day. Christmas color schemes can include the traditional reds and greens, and it might also be a lovely, romantic idea to include mistletoe in the floral arrangements, to get everyone into the spirit of the day!

Stag and Hen dos
Stag and Hen nights offer the happy couple a chance to unwind before the main event and also to share one last evening as a single person with all their personal friends and workmates. This is one part of the wedding the bride and groom will not have to organize, as traditionally this is designated to the chief bridesmaid and the best man.

Stag and Hen celebrations are no longer bound to a night out on the town, and there are plenty of different activities from adventure weekends to spa breaks to choose from. If you are organizing a stag or hen do, then it would be best to discuss ideas with the bride and groom first to see what they would like to do, and also what budget limitations there are.

Here are a few ideas for Stag and hen dos:
· Track Racing weekends (from go-karts to motorbikes)
· Short haul European breaks
· Golfing (You could organize a mini tournament between your friends)
· White water rafting
· Comedy club or Murder Mystery evenings.

Wedding Flowers
Flowers are an important, symbolic part of weddings, and are also a beautiful way of decorating wedding venues and continuing your wedding theme or colors. It can be costing ordering floral wedding packages from florists though, so if you are on a tight budget it may be worth asking family and friends if they have any flower arranging skills.

When you are planning your wedding flowers, you need to consider the following issues:
· For more traditional wedding, the basic floral package should include the bride's bouquet, button holes and corsages for all of the main wedding party, flowers to decorate the service venue (usually provided by the venue if you request in advance) and also table arrangements for the reception.
· Season – ordering flowers that are out of season or very exotic will be much more expensive. You can make some beautiful arrangements with the simplest blooms and colors, so be creative and ask your local florist to show you a good range of seasonal flowers and greenery.
· Recommendations – if you want your flowers professionally done, check with your local bridal shop for reliable and reasonable florists in your area, and ask friends and family if they can recommend anyone. Never give your florist carte blanche, as they could get carried away with enthusiasm, and make sure you agree a price in advance that will suit your budget.

Wedding transport
How you get to the wedding can be an important part of the big day. Arriving in style can help set the tone, and also make you feel that extra bit special. Traditional wedding transport is a horse and carriage or an old, classic car but you can be as inventive as you like. If a particular kind of transport features heavily in your lives, then you may want to incorporate this for a more individual touch. For example if you or your partner work in construction it could be fun to hire a JCB and decorate it with ribbons for the day!

Make sure you think about the parking and accessibility at the venue, the length of the journey and number of passengers, the route and the cost before you book your wedding transport.

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