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With literally hundreds of colors to choose form, many brides have problems simply deciding on what wedding color scheme to pick and essentially how to make it all work together. While once upon a time wedding stationary, cakes and gowns were all done in white or an off-white, today’s brides are stepping outside of the box with big, bold color choices. If you’re having problems picking a color scheme read ahead, we’ve got the complete guide to choosing your palette.

Before you even start planning out your wedding colors, choose your ceremony and reception venue. Try to coordinate your palette to match that of your venue, so that everything will match. Things to look for are the wall color, carpet color, style and type of decor and lighting. Once you understand the overall look of your venue begin browsing magazines and playing with color swatches to figure out what colors would be perfect for your wedding. Before finalizing your wedding colors, browse different bridesmaid gown colors. See if there is a similar color that is adversely popular among designers and stores. This will make it easier to match the color you want when you go to choose your bridesmaids gowns.

Next you’ll want to think about how your going to execute your color scheme. Think about the time of day and location of your ceremony and wedding reception. What mood are you ultimately trying to create? The colors you choose can diversely effect the overall feel and mood of how your wedding is. Bright colors such as yellow and green can be paired with neutral dark tones, like a dark brown for a formal evening wedding.

Consider all your options with your wedding color schemes: your gown, the invites, the table linens, the favors, flowers, the cake, etc. A wide variety of color is now becoming more accessible for all of these aspects for a wedding.

Your gown: wedding gowns aren’t always your standard white anymore. They can come in a variety of off-white shades, tan, champagne and even be dyed red. Along with varieties in color, many designers offer accessories such as belts and sashes that come in a wide range of colors.

The wedding invitations: graphic designers can take any swatch you give them and perfectly match the Pantone color to your wedding invitations. Because your wedding invitations are the first taste your guests are getting of the wedding, it’s important to go all out and show off everything that expresses your overall wedding theme.

Flowers: No matter what the color you are certain to find beautiful blooms that will match. The flowers, of course, may not available at that time of year or affordable. Keep in mind many of the exotic flowers that match these bold colors will be shipped from countries in South America, Holland and even Japan. The best advice is to talk about your wedding color scheme over with your florist, if you aren’t able to pay for the expensive flowers, he/she may be able to suggest cheaper alternatives that will still match your wedding colors.

Wedding cake: the design and colors for wedding cakes are almost limitless. If you think it up, chances are some talented baker can make it for you. So don’t be shy when it comes to adding color to your wedding cake. Even if you want to keep it traditional with a white wedding cake, you can accessorize it beautifully with colorful gum paste or fondant flowers.

Favors: Although it’s more important to get favors that are meaning and useful to your guests you still want them to match your color scheme. So when planning for your wedding reception favors, consider the ways you can wrap your favors; with color coordinating boxes, ribbons and gift tags. Keep in mind, if you plan to place the favors on the guest tables, you’ll want them to match the table linens and floral arrangements at the wedding reception.

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