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Wedding Decorations – Planning Your Decorating Budget

When it comes to your decorating budget it really depends on where the wedding ceremony and reception will be held. For example, if you are planning an indoor dinner, you may wish to decorate with flowers and candles to create a more formal atmosphere.

Some decorations are generally inexpensive, like streamers, but others are painfully expensive, like flowers. If operating on a tight budget, you may want to consider using artificial flowers or paper machete flowers. If you must have real flowers, investigate using wild flowers and hand picked flowers as a less expensive alternative. Rather than going all out and decorating everything with flowers just use a simple arrangement for the center of the table and place them in small vases or hand made crafts.

Following are the tips for lowering the cost of your wedding decorations:

  • Decide on the essential items that you must have first and then worry about the extras.
  • Make the centerpieces yourself.
  • Use artificial flowers as opposed to fresh flowers, or hand pick wild flowers.
  • Skip the extra wedding favors and focus more attention the decorations.
  • Stick to your budget – it's there for a reason.
  • Visit your nearby dollar store for smaller items like candles, candle holders, small laces etc.
  • Use simple d├ęcor. Never underestimate the elegance of simplicity. Sometimes minimal is best.
  • Use similar items, such as clay pots, plastic bowls / vases, artificial flowers, pearls, balloons, pillar candles, rhinestones, and empty wine bottles.

A word to wise: Your wedding decorations should not even amount to half of the money that is spent on your wedding reception.

Source by Hilary Basile

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