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Wedding Ceremony Script

Wedding occasion is one of most significant days in every human's life. There are different denominations of people. Everyone celebrates weddings according to their customs. The wedding to be connected is first authorized by the elder practices of the church. The acceptance will be then conveyed to the parents or the guardian. Then the venue, date and time is fixed. On the day of the wedding, the script is the heart of the wedding ceremony. Wedding ceremony scripts are unique and customized. Wedding scripts are lengthy and wedding ceremony scripts are given to the bride and the groom and they will have rehearsals too.

On the day of wedding, amidst the friends and relatives the bride stays at the entrance of the church waiting for the ceremony to start. The groom will stay inside the church near the altar where the ceremony is to be held. The wedding ceremony starts with entrance and processional music followed by the introduction of the priest. Then scripture readings are done by the priest. Congregation, practices and wedding couple sing matrimonial hymns and songs.

The wedding ceremony script includes the priest asking for acceptance of the congregation whenever the couples can marry. When acceptance by the congregation is given, the couple is asked for the same. Then the priest precedes the ceremony by asking, "Will you have this man / woman? The couple should answer, yes. This is followed by exchanging rings and the priest blesses the couple.

Wedding vows are given by the couple in front of the priest. The script begins as, "I" (the name spelled) promise to be with my husband / wife at all circumstances of happiness or sorrow etc ,. The priest says, "This couple is united before the eyes of God and no man shall divide them". Let them be husband and wife.

The special message is delivered to the couple and the congregation by the priest. Offerings and gifts are given to the church by the newly wed couple. Then the priest introduces the couple to the church and everyone sings the closing hymn followed by the blessing of the priest to the gathering. This is followed by the cake cutting ceremony, reception and dinner.

The wedding ceremony script is what the people remember. The vows taken are another attraction. It is to make their wedding unique so so much attention and care goes into writing the wedding ceremony script. So, if you are planning to get married soon, get your wedding ceremony script ready before the tension gets to you.

Source by Yolanda Nash

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