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Wedding Ceremony – Popular Music Selections

Most people believe that a wedding ceremony must be solemn, especially if it is a traditional style wedding being held inside a church. This is true in the major cases with weddings inside a church being regarded as a religious ceremony, in the Roman Catholic church a sacrament. As a result of this is important to realize that some traditional churches have restrictions on what secular music (if any) is permitted to be used, the difficult thing is at times this can be at the discretion of the priest / celebrant saying the ceremony or even the priest posted by the Bishop to that specific parish – it can at times be very subjective. There are some basic guidelines that need to be adhered to when having your wedding ceremony in a traditional church, these guidelines, while seeming restrictive at times are in place to ensure that the traditions, beliefs and protocols upheld that that specific church denomination are upheld and influenced.

What if you really want a popular music to be played during your wedding?

Some churches allow secular music during the pre and post funeral time (as people enter and leave the church), there is also a lot more flexibility for secular music at your reception. Many churches will allow secular songs in the wedding ceremony if they have been arranged and orchestrated to be performed instrumentally in a classical style rather than as a contemporary rock song. The largest downfall with most secular songs are the meaning of their words, a traditional church wedding is considered to be a religious ceremony meaning the words should reflect the greatness of God and His love, many secular songs contradict the teachings and beliefs of the church, This is why the performance of these songs instrumentally is usually an acceptable alternative. Make sure that this is checked with the priest / celebrant as they always have the final say.

The appropriateness of playing popular music at your wedding also depends greatly on the setting. If it is not a religious setting (held in a traditional church) then you have the freedom to play the songs you want. Make sure that the music is fitting to the occasion, even in this secular wedding environment some sensitivity needs to be shown to songs to use. Music is considered by many people to be the one complete language and does evoke an emotional response in listeners. Take the time to select songs that have become meaningful over the time that you and your partner have been sharing life together. These songs could have defined a significant moment such as being played when you first met, on your first date, first dance or just be one that the two of you enjoy listening to together. Using these types of significant songs really adds a personalized touch to your wedding day experience which contributes to creating an intimate and memorable atmosphere for your guests but more importantly for you and your loved one.

Every person enters into their wedding day desiring it to be perfect in every way, a once in a lifetime occasion where your love is professed in front of family and friends for each other. It is important that every aspect of your wedding ceremony is carefully and thoughtfully planned. The selection of appropriate music can have a significant effect on how successful your wedding ceremony is, take the time to sit down and plan your wedding ceremony music and then enjoy the moment together.

Source by Bethany Gardner

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