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Wedding and Reception Themes for a January Wedding

January is the first month of the year, and it is symbolic of a new year and new beginnings, which makes it the ideal month for a new couple to begin their life together. The winter months are considered the “off” season for weddings, so a couple will have their choice of dates and venues; however, before the planning can begin, a theme for the wedding must be chosen. Some of the most popular choices of wedding and reception themes include:

  • Blizzards
  • Winter Wonderland
  • Formal Weddings (i.e. black tie)
  • Arctic Theme (including penguins, polar bears, & other elements of cold climates)
  • New Year's/ New Beginnings

The month of January is flexible in terms of the color scheme that a bride chooses. The most common color choices include shades of blue, silver, and white. Most pastel shades are reserved for spring weddings; however, pastel shades of these color choices can work magic for a winter wedding. If a bride opts for a formal wedding theme, then she might wish to choose a more ceremonial color scheme of black and white. Deep shades of more elegant colors, such as burgundy, emerald, or midnight blue, can also work well. One of the most popular color schemes for the 2011 season include chocolate brown and cream.

The winter season, including the month of January, affords a couple the opportunity to decorate their wedding ceremony and reception with natural items, such as pinecones, cranberries or even evergreen. The use of crystal in the place settings or in chandeliers can beautifully reflect the theme of a winter wonderland or an arctic theme. If it is within your budget, ice sculptures can be used to achieve a similar effect. Miniature silver bells, icicle lights, sugar frosted fruits, white or silver colored candles can also be used in the decoration of a January themed wedding.

The theme that a couple chooses for their January wedding can be expressed in numerous other manners, like the flowers and the wedding favors they choose for guests. For a formal wedding theme, red roses are a classic choice of flower. For a winter wonderland theme, white calla lilies, placed underwater in tall vases may be used, For wedding favors, a couple might choose from among white chocolates in snowflake designs, faux crystal paperweights, or miniature snow globes. From the whimsical to the formal, a January wedding theme can be almost anything a couple dreams of.

Source by Gabriella Ramirez

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