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Wedding Album Design Options

The Personalized Wedding Album

The personalized wedding album is a little different to the standard wedding album because you can design the cover yourself by including a favorite photograph. You can also choose between three different sizes of photo album or you can alternatively choose a photo book that negates the need to mount your own pictures as every picture chosen is printed directly on the high grade pages of the photo book.

Customized Covers

Customizing the cover of a personal wedding album is the first step in creating a beautiful looking wedding memento. The standard design of a photo album allows you to choose a single photo and have this printed on both the front and back cover but you can pay a little bit extra and choose a second photo to have printed on the back instead. The size and orientation of the photo or photos will depend on the design options that you choose for the album itself.

Other Design Options

• Three sizes of photo album exist. The large photo album is perfect as a wedding album and you can choose whether you want portrait or landscape prints. It will hold photos up to 10 'x 8' in size and this is the size of cover photo that you can use too. The large photo album affords 100 sides of self mounted photos.

• The medium photo album can hold photos up to 8 'x 6' in size and again This is the size of cover photo that you choose. The book is printed in landscape orientation so landscape photos work best and there are 60 sides that can be customized by mounting your selection of photos.

• Small photo albums offer a 6 'x 4' photo on the cover and each of the 60 sides can contain photos up to this size too. The small album is designed specifically for use with landscape shaped photos.

Presentation Boxes

Once the album is complete, you can also choose whether or not you wish to include a presentation box with your order. The photo album is crafted using high grade Italian ivory color paper, parchment tissue interleaves, and a tough satin cover and all of these materials are designed to last for years. However, a presentation box or tin can further prevent the wedding album from falling foul of physical damage or accidental spills.

The Wedding Photo Book

A wedding photo book is a great looking and convenient alternative to the photo album. Rather than mounting the photos on each page yourself, they can be professionally printed directly on to every side of the book pages and you can also include a presentation box or tin with this high quality photo memory gift too.

Source by Sarah Maria Williams

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