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Vow Renewal Ceremony Ideas – Renewing Wedding Vows

Marriage is one of the most beautiful moments in the life of a couple. Renewing vows is a growing trend in recent years, but why, when and how to renew her wedding vows?

Why renew his vows?

In our time, marriage is no longer a key institution, sometime married as soon as we divorce. Marriage is mixed, heterosexual or homosexual recently, marriage is no longer necessarily for life. The image of the couple and the family has evolved. Religious faith in all its forms no longer dominates the commitment. The union “to life, to death” is less common.

So these couples who marry, that love, especially that last, have become almost heroes of modern times, who resist all temptation, and braving all events.

You are the victorious adventurers of love? Mark your difference by a renewal of vows! A romantic way is to confirm its commitment, feelings and motivation to perpetuate a successful life together. Here are some wedding programs samples which helps you in generating your vow renewal ceremony ideas.

Vow Renewal Ceremony Ideas

When renewing his vows?

There are no rules! Often, married a total number of years of marriage impressive: 20, 40, 50 or even 60 years together! Despite life, despite the evolution of the love relationship … Those two have found themselves!

But the fragility of relationships in our time, leads many couples to celebrate each course as a small victory. It is not uncommon for married who organize a renewal of vows each year of cumulative precious wedding. Others choose to renew their commitment every 5 years or 10 years.

Renewing her vows is to celebrate a victory over time, will say that we got it right, and repeat “I love you.”

How to renew his vows?

There are as many ways to renew his vows to love that! Here are some ideas to renew his wedding vows.

– Religious or secular ceremony?

Marriage is a commitment. Commitment legal, moral or emotional, it is also spiritual or religious.

– A religious vow renewal

The religious marriage is for life … But if your faith is great, nothing prevents you to reaffirm your commitment. The Christian church offers suitable religious blessings and a kind of mass, where the rings are blessed again. You can also easily follow a religion or a mass together on the anniversary of your wedding.

– The renewal of vows by a secular ceremony

You are not believers, you are not married religiously? The secular ceremony is a new trend. You build a custom time you reaffirm your feelings through reading, music, symbolic rituals … Secular ceremonies are becoming more common for weddings; they adapt perfectly to the renewal of vows, led by a relative or professional officiating.

– In privacy or surrounded by your loved ones?

The vow renewal is off target. The couple chooses the head to head or gather witnesses, family and friends! This choice depends on the color of the “first” marriage. Married want to live a different time or relive the intensity of D-Day a young couple getting married is not always master of his day.

Renewing her vows, is also having the wedding you dreamed but we could not afford. We organized a big party for his close together because at the time no one had the means, it s’ offers this gorgeous dress or we proudly enters its first dress, we love to new alliances or we do clean up old etc.

Renewing her vows was to unite again without constraint.

– Why not abroad?

Fancy a fun or shifted union? The vow renewal is offered to every whim! Say yes again to the edge of a cliff, on top of a mountain or under water? Why not!

You can even play the quirky kitsch map to provide express wedding in Las Vegas or anywhere else!

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