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Using Candles For Wedding Decorations

Whenever you're planning a celebration of any sort, candles are a great way to enrich your decorations, as they most often create that special atmosphere which can hardly be emulated by other decorating elements. Wedding ceremonies and wedding receptions are perfect examples – choose and position your candles carefully and they will provide you with just the right amount of intimacy and romance.

At a wedding ceremony, use a candle whose flame will symbolize the love between the bride and the groom, and at a wedding celebration, candles can be used to decorate the tables and the place where the ceremony is held. Also, candles are increasingly being used as the main decoration element, positioned in luxurious holders and elected in accordance with the chosen theme and color of the wedding.

If you are planning an outdoor wedding, you might want to use aromatic candles which will encircle the wedding ceremony with warmth and a pleasant aroma. In addition, you can use the popular small floating candles placed in simple containers filled with liquid.

Central decorations with candles can further be decorated with sequins, crystals, ribbons, candy, dried or fresh flowers and other similar decorative items.

If you think these ideas are new, you're in for a surprise, because candles have been in use at wedding ceremonies throughout history. In the Middle Ages, for example, it was believed that their light helped the newlyweds by bringing their prayers closer to God. It was also believed that if a candle was brought to church by the bride or a bridesmaid, it served to protect them all from evil.

So whether you want to make sure that your dream wedding won't be spoiled by evil spirits or you simply want to enrich the atmosphere with pleasant scents and light effects, candles should be on top of your list of wedding decorations.

Source by Sonya Evans

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