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Unique Wedding Ceremony Rituals For Secular Wedding

Have you thought to symbolize your union during your secular ceremony? Secular unique wedding ceremony rituals give you plenty of opportunities to represent your commitment in the form of gestures and symbols. In this very complete record, are the main rituals of secular inexpensive wedding ideas ceremony that exist today? And if you want to invent your own symbolic ritual, remember to take a look at this article.

Hello lovers! I’m here with unique wedding ceremony rituals. If you are here is that you wonder how revolves secular ceremony, and bride to be that time I will try to answer the questions you ask yourself surely.

This unique wedding ceremony ritual (the word can be scary but not promised, it is only prettiness), it is a moment during the ceremony that represents the couple, commitment, visually and symbolically rather than in words. It must above all be a reflection of who you are, with simplicity. “As evident” Romantic, geek, wacky, where you can still afford! However, it is essential that the ritual is explained in advance by the person who will officiate, as an introduction to the symbolic is associated with your values, the message you send to that moment when your commitment.

Plus, in my opinion, is that these unique wedding ceremony rituals also allow combining our relatives, present or not besides, who can not or dare not speak. From what I could see, read and hear, a ritual is a unique moment, magical, full of emotions for the couple and a nice surprise for guests. The Sacred Union!

Now that you know a little more, I will present 10 original unique wedding ceremony rituals, and I will return to those I like and why.

Types of Unique Wedding Ceremony Rituals

We can already distinguish two types of rituals:

  1. The union rituals: those that symbolize your commitment and your partner, possibly involving some close
  2. Collective actions, which combine some or all of your guests and symbolize both their importance to you and that it is they who give value to this commitment you make to them.

1. The ceremonial ribbons, of Celtic origin

A little history … Celtic rituals are numerous and many are reused as part of secular ceremonies because of their strong symbolic. The ceremonial ribbon was celebrated in Celtic Unions to mark the new relationship between the married. Often with links to several colors to symbolize different things: love, loyalty, strength or wisdom. By tying their hands well, married symbolize their mutual commitment.

Several variants are available to you, the basis remains the same, then it is your approach to modernize and make a ceremony to your image by integrating your values colored ribbons, and that involve or not your guests.

Here are two:

  • • Face To Face married holding hands. The officiant / parent / friend reads a text constructed in a question to married: these issues will be around their commitments (love, loyalty, etc.). Whenever the couple answers “yes”, a ribbon is tied around the wrists married (gently eh! He is not to have blue hands!). Once the couple has consented to any promises, the tapes are unwound (bring scissors!).
  • Face To Face, married holding hands: Several relatives come chosen in turn tie the hands of their married ribbon, symbolizing their witness in this union. Eye to eye married make vows once formally committed before the assembly, the links are closed out.

We can also mix these two variants.

This ritual can be practiced with any link that seems appropriate: rope, ribbons, silk scarf, religious scarf, etc. As well tell you right now, this is my favorite ritual! It’s romantic, participatory, but also staff to adapt the vows exchanged in our values, and then these colorful ribbons remind me of childhood, with lightness, the sweetness of life.

The image of the couple hand in hand, staring into the eyes, linked symbolically, it’s beautiful.

2. The ritual sand

For those who do not know, the organization of the ritual requires two containers containing different colored sand (symbolizing each married) and a vase or other container that will serve as final.

Married each hold a container (e.g. a pretty glass) filled with sand. The ritual involves pouring all their sand into a new larger container. It is possible to use an hourglass to add an additional symbol, a time dimension. Decide to spend the rest of his life together, become one, and watch the time go … Is not that also the wedding? (Meditating Girls)

Symbolically, the sands of different colors represent the two families will be united by the bonds of marriage and that will form a new entity.

This ritual also symbolizes the respect for differences in the couple as each send retains its color in the same way that each spouse retains his personality.

Again, you can vary the ritual and achieve a similar effect with pebbles or a mixture of salt and pepper. Sometimes parents or children have also married a container filled with sand that they add to the mix.

This ritual is therefore very suitable for blended families or couples who already had children.

3. The cocktail of ritual

This is to drink together in one glass a cocktail (with straws is more convenient). This one would be cooked by you; the idea is to mix the ingredients you like to create a unique cocktail!

The Epicureans (or party animals) will recognize themselves in this ritual, it’s fresh and it launches the festivities begin. Sounds simple seen like that, but this ritual makes it difficult to engage guests, and therefore remains exclusively focused on the couple.

I had thought myself but it really requires an organization and a pinpoint timing with the catering team which will serve all the guests in record time, without breaking ceremony. This ritual may be ideal if you are getting married in a small group.

4. The ritual of wine sealed

This ritual takes place in 3 steps:

  1. Before marriage you choose together a good bottle of wine and a wooden box.
  2. During the preparations, each on your own you takes the time to write your feelings for each other in a letter to be read later.
  3. Finally in the secular ceremony, you will put your letter in each box you will seal.

A few years later, for your wedding anniversary, you can open the box and discover your letters while enjoying the bottle you choose. Imagine yourself in 5 years or 10 years in the heart plunge the day before … or less for patients.

I find this very beautiful ritual, but I have no patience! I would be too tempted to go to the basement to open the hiding box to read the words of love of my dear husband. And it would not be in the game!

5. The ritual of the rose

Each offers a rose to each other as a first gift as honeymooners.

The roses are then placed in a vase at home. At each anniversary, you place a rose again in the vase remember. Also, if you go through a difficult time, you can put a rose in the vase sign of a need to be closer to each other.

6. Ritual of the tree

A little organization: potting soil, a pot and a tree to plant.

Select a particular plant is already a symbol in itself (oak are strong, long-lived olive trees …). The plant grow together means life, love, take root and make its solid couple. I also love this ritual; this is my top two with the ribbons. I even thought of a variant, to avoid dirtying (anyway). By offering dads to plant this tree together is also the families unite, and to me it makes sense because dads are often very talkative about their feelings discreet but very strong when it comes to their children.

Another plus would be to have the opportunity to plant directly in the ground in the family garden.

7. The library lovers

This idea comes from a witness on the internet.

“We also wanted to include in the ceremony a collective gesture, always with the idea of involving everyone. We had trouble finding what we wanted to do and then, as they say, good things come to those who wait! One night the good idea pointed the tip of his nose: we were going to “the library lover”!

The principle is quite simple: we asked each of our guests to bring a book they wanted to offer us (favorite for a theme, a story, an author, a cover, an illustration) and write to inside why they chose it. Upon arrival at the mill, they found little cards to slip in their book and on which they noted the reason for their choice. During the ceremony there has been this small “intermission” where each guest testified his book. This is how we have built our library lovers! “

I find that things change, that’s really personal, in fact I love (this is the top 3!). When we have a passion, if we can highlight it or share that day, it really did not have to starve!

8. The ritual candles

I also found the explanation of this ritual on internet.

Married each hold a small lighted candle and together they light a larger candle. The flame of the candle symbolizes love, passion and life. Together, the couple expressed their desire to create a new entity from two separate people and create a new “home” in the proper sense.

This ritual can also symbolize the creation of a new family from an ancient. Often the candles are lit by married mothers to symbolize life and they have given their family transmission.

Once the large lighted candle, the two smallest can be extinguished or remain lit symbol of individual families who remain married together to support them, or as a reminder to the Christian trinity.

When it is desired religious symbols but we prefer that they are not too marked (because marriage is mixed, for example), the secular ceremony can incorporate gentle reminders to religion dear to your heart.

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