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Unique Idea Use White Cake Candles As Wedding Favors

Wedding favors are the customary way of thanking your guests for their participation and sharing a special day with you. Giving favors dates back to 16th century and usually are given only by rich and aristocratic families. The French gave ‘Bonbonnieres' which is bonbons presented in a crystal box, and the bonbons are nothing but sugared almonds. Normally, five sugared almonds are given to symbolically represent the five wedding wishes namely fertility, wealth, health, happiness and longevity.

Guests love gifts that are exquisitely made for the special occasion. One such gift is the miniature cake candle white which has a majestic look due to the large white pearls made beautifully on the three-tiered wedding cake. Your party guests will love this gift as it adds a festive mood to the wedding celebration. You should always order wedding favors that matches your style and elegance. white cake candle with its stunning look and nice aroma will definitely win the hearts of your guests.

Nowadays, there is variety of wedding favor ideas available in stores and normally one gets confused in choosing the right one. Many brides still give bonbons as their wedding reception gifts. Some may like to give chocolate hearts, but, giving a gift which is more common may not suit your style. If you want to be unique, different from others, then a white cake candle is the perfect ideal gift you can give to your party guests.

White cake candle are pure white in color which goes well with your bridal dress and bouquet. Each candle has three tiers in white decorated with large white beads which resembles pearls that are draped in a sloping pattern. More beads works on done in the first two layers of the cake in dark silver color. The top of the cake is in the form of a candle with a thick bow which gives an artistic touch to the cake. The romantic look and tongue-licking taste will make your guests remember you every time they get a wedding favor.

It is a common myth that favors should be costly. But, if you can plan carefully and choose wisely, then you can save a lot. At the same time, you can get appreciation from your party guests for the nice wedding favor. If you have a white color theme for your wedding party, then cake candle white is the best wedding favor you can ever find in a store. The romantic and beautiful icing on the cake candle says it all. It looks good enough to taste and also it evokes fresh memories of ones own wedding. So, you can choose cake candle white as a personalized wedding favor for your distinguished guests.

Source by Joe Palladino

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