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Twelve months After Surviving the Las Vegas, Nevada Shooting, they Stated I Actually Do. And more.

I've been sitting right here, searching for the best terms to present this breathtaking story. However matter the things I compose, it doesn't apparently really establish a single day and also this amazing few in the manner which they by themselves, and their amazing photographer Amy Golding have done. From Amy…“There is something beautifully different about Kimber and Dana. Kindness and compassion radiate from their website. Their particular story is one of brutal love, a tragic occasion that may easily break the best, and a renewed point of view that connections tend to be exactly what matter many in life.”

Some lower than a year before their particular wedding date, this madly in love, recently involved couple decided to go to the path 91 Harvest nation musical Festival in nevada with members of their particular soon-to-be bridal party. The evening began as festivals they would attended constantly had—with fun, laughter and great music. But once a gunman exposed fire, giving Kimber and Dana fleeing for their lives, their perspectives could not end up being the same again.

Kimber shared, “i am going to count my blessings daily that He held us together and held united states safe and I also vow to-do more great with this life. To reside every day towards the fullest and to show love at the face of hate. I'm forever grateful He provided me with you, Dana.” She continued, “My heart still seems damaged through the tragedy we endured, but at exactly the same time feels much more full than it performed prior to this night. It was filled with love, kindness, compassion, and energy compliment of this unbreakable neighborhood, and for this I am grateful.

I'm grateful having survived, to live my life with an even more distinguished purpose, and to spread kindness wherever possible. Unfortuitously, tragedy will continue to show its ugly face within our world—so we decide to concentrate on the gratitude i've for the gorgeous souls around me personally and also for the chance to survive another day.”

Desiring to focus their wedding day on their gratitude and unbreakable love, they picked Temecula Creek Inn in Southern Ca for an enchanting and whimsical wedding. Nestled up against the Santa Rosa Plateau, this site is filled with breathtaking Ca pine trees and a dreamy rock cottage.

Heidi Villa crafted an enchanting, fairytale-esque braid for Kimber to decorate her gown most abundant in subdued sparkle. Seeing this gorgeous wedding unfold, it had been clear what concern had been strongest for Kimber and Dana—ensuring their loved ones and pals feel and understand the love obtained for all of them as well as each other.

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