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Traditional Celebration For 21st Birthday

Ah, finally! The most anticipated birthday known to teenagers. 21 big ones! If the young person in your life is approaching this milestone in his or her life, you know that you need to come up with the perfect gift. This is an important birthday and you want your gift to carry meaning.

Some stores have a special section of gifts for 21st birthdays. This may prove to be very helpful to you. Also, many event managers have special themes and ideas for 21st birthday parties.

As you might expect, these parties often focus on the new freedoms given to that special teen. Sometimes, the guests are encouraged to wear costumes to show their freedom. This can at times lead to some very interesting sights, sometimes seeming almost absurd.

There are several gifts that are considered traditional. The first is the key. This is to remind us of St. Peter who is proclaimed to guard the gates of Heaven. Thus, the key is to symbolize the gates of freedom being thrown wide open to the birthday person.

Many times, the key is engraved beautifully, or set with precious stones. While this is a beautiful gift, it is usually very costly. It is possible to find a nice key that is less expensive.

Another traditional gift is the gift of a tankard. This of course, symbolizes the fact that this young person is now legal and allowed to visit bars and drink alcohol. These traditional gifts are generally meant to be keepsakes.

These are all great gifts, but what in the world is a parent supposed to buy? It is not unusual for parents to present their not so small child with a gold sovereign, or silver crown. If they feel they haven't spent enough on this particular gift, you can have his or her name engraved on the piece.

In today's modern world, it is becoming more common for parents to buy a very big ticket item, such as a car, bike, or precious stones.

Another option that is becoming very popular is travel. There are many travel agencies that offer specialized packages for 21st birthday gifts. They include exotic destinations that feature excitement, romance and adventure.

Source by Andrew M. Miller

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