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Top Wedding Day Worries Of Brides Revealed!

If you are a bride-to-be, you may find yourself feeling the same way. Fret not, you are not alone!


# 1 We worry when the wedding dress will still fit nicely on the actual day. If there is another inch of fats we accumulate before the wedding, we fear that we will not be able to zip up or we will burst the seams. On the other hand, we can not afford to lose too much weight suddenly too as a perfect wedding dress should fit like second skin! What a dilemma huh. Well, to reassure yourself, do try your wedding dress again a week before your wedding in case it does not fit and there are last minute alterations to be done. Also remember to check if the zippers do not give you any problems!

# 2 We worry where the suppliers, for eg florist, caterer, venue, emcee, wedding singers, will default on the program we have agreed on the wedding day. Usually, this is not very common as their reputation is at stake, but there are still rare cases of couples not being able to get their wedding dresses because the bridal boutique closed down just before their wedding! To protect your own interest, check out your suppliers beforehand and do go for reputable ones who have consistent customer feedback.

# 3 We worry about ourselves. We worry if a pimple will suddenly decide to pop up the night before the wedding. We worry whether our dark eyes will be very obvious. We worry if our high heels are going to give us any blisters. We worry if we are able to walk elegantly in our heels (especially for those who are not used to it) instead of looking like a duckie learning its first steps.

# 4 We worry about the weather sometimes. Sunny days are great for weddings, but we also hope the sun will not melt our makeup too fast. Strong sunlight will also make us squint unnaturally when taking photographs, so we hope the weather is fair enough but not too glaring. If the wedding is an outdoor event, we pray that it will not rain because we hope our guests will be comfortable and not end up feeling wet and inconvenienced.


# 5 For the wedding march-in, we worry whether our dad (who will give us away at church weddings) or our hubby will step on our heavy wedding dress by mistake. We also worry if we ourselves will trip on it instead. All because we can not imagine the consequences that follows. Haha.

# 6 If we are the shy type, we worry about stage fright as suddenly all eyes are on us. Every step we take from marching in, to saying of vows and toasting the guests are the focus of everyone. We suddenly become the center of attention and we are not used to it. We worry if we will end up mumbling our vows through. We also worry if our impromptu wedding speech will make any sense to the audience.

# 7 We worry if the day events will go smoothly. Afterall we have sent so many months planning for our wedding and we hope it will be as flawless as it can be.

# 8 We worry if the photographs we have taken for the wedding day will look good because there is no way to have a second take! Sometimes, we may worry if the photographer will lose our photos out of carelessness or some bizarre reasons.

# 9 We worry if the groom will get cold feet and change his mind about marrying us. This is unfortunately true in some cases. But most couples get through their wedding without this worry even on their mind!

There is no right and wrong to all these as we naturally tend to worry more as we are going through one of the most important phases of our life. When you look back after your wedding, it becomes memories you can laugh over for many years!

Source by Angela Tay

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