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Top 5 Cheap Wedding Ideas

Cheap weddings can look lavish if you use the following tips before you make any wedding plans. I love weddings because it feels so nice to watch a couple finally tie the knot. It's like a fairy tale ending (if there is one), but seriously, it's romantic, fun and oh so lovely. But the sad part is that weddings are so expensive and more and more couples are finding it very hard to pay off the loans which they took to have that grand wedding.

Here are 5 wedding tips which will help start your creative juices flowing

Tip 1 – Start looking for ideas everywhere. Seriously just be open to ideas, and you will be amazed at how your creative juices will start working. You must have heard these statements before that, what you will dwell on will manifest in your life. Believe me this is true, I can vouch for this. The universe has a way to fill in voids; it has a way to bring you what you want most.

Tip 2 – Let the bridesmaids wear un-matching gowns. You can get creative here and think of ways you can innovate, and break all rules. Hunt down outlet stores for your wedding gown. Did you know that many top brand stores sell outdated dresses in an outlet store? These are definitely worth a look.

Tip 3 – Have a brunch the day after the wedding. This will save you tons of money and also make the event so very special and touching.

Tip 4 – Have family and friends take your wedding photographs. This one tip alone is worth a fortune and will save you tons of cash.

Tip 5 – Cut down your guest list. This will be a huge saving. Usually one guest would want to invite the whole town while the other would want a small private affair. Think about what you both want and try to come up with a feasible solution. Cutting down on the guest list, means

o Lesser money spent on the wedding venue (you can choose a small venue)

o Lesser money spent on food and beverages

o Greater Savings

Source by Latha Lukose

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