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Tips to Writing the Best Maid of Honor Wedding Speech

You were chosen to deliver a Maid of honor wedding speech and just do not know where to begin with? Then, start with these seven tips for creating your Maid of Honor speech.

1. The Maid of Honors typically said their speech right after the best man finished their minds. Bear in mind that the guests still have to listen to other wedding speeches after you. So, it is most advised to keep it short.

2. The topic of your Maid of Honor wedding speech should be sincere and light. And it should be fitting to the wedding ambiance.

3. Always write a not too personal Maid of Honor wedding speech. Practice delivering your speech before the big day and get feedback from the listener, in this way, you will know if it still has to be re-written. Or simply ask about what they think of the speech.

4. Sweet-talk the bride, give a little tease and then say your congratulations to the couple.

5. It is a big "no" to talk about disheartening or pessimistic topics. These topics may include about religion, politics, or sex, most especially if there are guests who will certainly be offended.

6. On the wedding day itself, bring along a small note cards that contain all the significant key words of your Maid of Honor wedding speech. If you exactly know what you want to speak of, it will be a lot easier to prevail over any panic with public speaking. One more advantage of the note cards: they will prevent you from jabbering, faltering or giving a lengthy uninteresting Maid of Honor speech.

Source by Anima Malhota

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