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Tips For Designing a Wedding Ceremony Script

There are a lot of things to consider when planning the wedding ceremony. The wedding ceremony script is basically the heart of the ceremony itself. It tells you about everything that will be said in the ceremony. Whoever is performing the ceremony will actually fill in the things that need to be said, but you can put in whatever else you want. In this article, I will help you develop your wedding ceremony script. Let's begin.

The first thing you will want in your wedding script is the entrance and introduction. This is where you will walk down the aisle and the ceremony will begin. Most processes include music, and this is something that you will choose, based on what you like.

The next thing that will be included in your wedding script will be any readings, songs, or prayers that you would like to be included in the wedding ceremony. You can have the minister or who is performing the ceremony help you choose ones if you do not already have a favorite. This is where you can really personalize the actual ceremony.

After all of that you will have the questions of intent. This is where they will say "Do you take this man?" and so on. You really do not have to create any of this, as it is pretty basic and self explanatory. These are traditional in most weddings anyways.

Then you will want to read your vows. A lot of couple choose to write their own vows because it looks so much more personal. You do not have to do so if you choose to, or you can have your friends and family members help you with your vows if this is not your strong point.

After you read your vows you may end with another song or prayer. The nice part about writing your own wedding script is that you can choose to include anything you want, and can make it as long or as short as you would like. If this is going to be a difficult time for you, you may choose to keep it short and sweet.

The last part of the wedding script would be the introduction of the bride and groom, as well as the recessional. Most end in a song, as you two are walking down the aisle together. Once you have reached the end, your guests will form a line to talk to you and congratulate you. This would conclude your wedding script.

Talk to whomever you choose to do the ceremony and ask for advice. They may have a certain format for you to use, or they may let you work it from scratch. Creating your own wedding ceremony script makes the actual ceremony more personal.

Source by Kristiana Jones

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