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Tips for an Inexpensive Wedding

Every girl wants their fantasy wedding. It's a (hopefully) once in a lifetime experience. But you can have all the frills without going overboard. You do not want to start your marriage by going in debt on wedding expenses. Also keep in mind that in most cases the groom would be just as happy eloping. Here are a few tips on having an inexpensive wedding:

1. The flowers. Instead of buying real flowers, buy artificial ones. You can get silk flowers from specialty stores, or create your own arrangements with pickings from a generic craft store. This actually has multiple benefits.

– You do not have to worry about any of your guests having allergies to one of the flowers.

– The bouquet can be saved as a reminder of the special day, it will not die. Fresh flowers can be preserved, but that's one more cost that can be avoided.

– The obvious price difference. Just the bridal bouquet of fresh flowers can cost more than silk flowers for the entire wedding party.

2. The dress. Why buy an expensive dress you're only going to wear once? Here are some options:

– Look into getting a used dress. Of course, you'll still want to try it on and it may need adjusting, but the initial cost will be cheaper.

– Wear your mother's or sister's wedding dress if you're a similar size. The legacy will add sentimental value.

– Are you a seamstress? Buy a simple dress and embellish it on your own, adding lace, beads, or embroidery. Your dress is guaranteed to be personalized and unique.

3. Location. The fancy reception hall, the luxurious hotel, you can picture the amazing setting. But someone's backyard or a local church with the right decorations can still lend the right atmosphere. Be realistic on your guest expectations, ask for RSVPs. Do not overbook or get a venue that is bigger than your needs. It's simply a waste of space and money. The same number of people will look like more in a smaller area. There will be more interaction as well.

But I need the scent of fresh flowers, you say. Or the fancy themed reception hall. My most important advice is this – prioritize . To make the wedding memorable, pick just one or two things where you do not want to compromise. If you cut back on the other less important areas, you'll have more to spend to reserve that perfect location or whatever it is you need.

Whatever you do, remember that it is the people involved, not the decorations, that make a wedding memorable. Good luck in your venture, and I wish you the best in your new life.

Source by Mary Jensen

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