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Things That Will Drive You Nuts On Your Big Day

Things That Will Drive You Nuts Just Before Your Wedding & The Solution

Just when you felt some relief after you booked all of your wedding vendors and your invitations are sent … some new stressors can occur several weeks before you're ready to walk down the aisle. Here are some tips to help ease the stress of managing all of those last minute details.

# 1. Guests Who Do not RSVP

This drives many brides crazy, and rightfully so! You've provided a stamp on the RSVP card, but for some force of nature, several guests will not RSVP.

Solution: Do not assume they are not coming. Make sure you call the MIA guests and ask them if they are coming. To divide up the work get your groom to call his side of the family and you call your side of the family. You can also delegate to your maid of honor or parents too!

# 2. Prevent Headaches With The Venue / Vendors

On your wedding day you might not be able to see how the set up goes as you'll be concentrating on getting ready and beautified for your wedding day.

Solution: Make sure your vendors / venue is on the same page by confirming all details with them several weeks prior to your wedding day. Also keep any communication with the vendors in case you run into any difficulties. You can also appoint a family member to keep a watchful eye and be your eyes the day of the wedding, they can even text you photos so you can keep an eye out too!

# 3. Consider Hiring A Wedding Day Coordinator

You can not be the STAR in the SPOTLIGHT and the DIRECTOR behind the scenes.

It's very hard to be in the moment of your wedding eating the 5 course meal, dancing the night away, experiencing the open bar … and everything everything is taken care of. Consider hiring a professional wedding coordinator with training, experience, and most of all connections to ensure that everything will go off without a hitch while you, your groom, and guests can have a great time at your wedding.

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Source by Stephanie Thompson

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