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The Perfect Backdrop For Small, Intimate Weddings

The destination wedding continues to grow in popularity, both in the United States and abroad. With more engaged couples adopting a "less is more" attitude towards wedding planning, a small, destination wedding is the perfect solution for a low stress, highly memorable wedding day. This leaves new couples with more energy and money to use on the all inclusive honeymoon of their choice.

The idea of ​​Caribbean weddings is attractive to many couples. In 2004, the Association for Wedding Professionals International stated that destination weddings account for over roughly 18 percent of all weddings. For couples seeking a wedding day which is both fun and romantic, a destination wedding is a solid choice. Most large hotels and resorts have their own wedding planners who are generally free of charge, provided that all services are arranged through the hotel. This can make long distance wedding planning much easier, as the wedding planner will be able to suggest flowers, music, celebrants and photographers to suit your personal tastes and, more importantly, your budget.

With so many all inclusive resorts in Jamaica, family and other loved ones traveling to the wedding will not only have the chance to share your wedding day, but they will also have time for a vacation of their own. With the wedding guests staying in close proximity to one another there is a greater chance that newly acquainted friends and relatives will form lasting friendships after returning to their relative hometowns. In the strained economy, many couples have also chosen not to register for wedding gifts, telling guests that their presence is gift enough and one that will last for many years to come.

Many couples have opted for a destination wedding after doing the math and realizing that a large wedding in their hometown was not a financially viable option. If you plan ahead and read your contract carefully, there should be no hidden costs on your wedding day. Many destination wedding venues have this down to an art, and even have a backup venue should you experience rain on your wedding day and need to move elsewhere.

Another way to pass on savings to your guests is to find out if the resort offers special discounts for weddings guests. In this competitive market most resorts offer some type of reduced rate so be sure to ask. Also, connect your guests. Think of asking friends or family of similar ages and interests to share rooms. Lastly, remember to have fun and do not worry about the small mishaps that pop up at any important event. Your hair falling out of place while you're dancing will only make your smile brighter in the photographs.

Source by Alice Lane

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