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The Hidden Benefit of a Red Ranger Costume for Halloween

Take just a nostalgic moment to wander through your childhood memories and think about the Halloween costumes that you dressed up in when you were a child. Do you remember anything about the reason that you selected those costumes? You probably chose your favorite childhood hero, cartoon or movie character, or your favorite animal.

Some children who are a little bit more brave might have chosen a "scary" Halloween costume such as a monster, zombie, witch, or ghost. Household budget and the expense of the costume can severely limit a child's choices. They may have to settle for a hand-me-down or gently used costume from a sibling or cousin who has worn it on a previous occasion.

It is absolutely a parent's decision what a child will be for their trick-or-treating experience on Halloween, but most children get some say about who they will pretend to be. That is, after all part of the Halloween tradition! What is it draws us to certain Halloween costumes? Of course part of the influence is going to come from popular movies and television shows of the time. Halloween costumes such as Superman, Spiderman, and Batman will always be popular as long as those heroic figures are popular in comic books and movies.

One of the reasons that children love to be these epic superheroes is because they look up to these individuals as people who do good in the world. (It certainly does not hurt that they also have superpowers like laser beam eyes and sticky villain-catching webs.) A Power Ranger costume can also be chosen for this reason. The red Power Ranger and his friends in multicolored outfits, such as blue, pink, green, yellow, etc, fight crime and are intelligent and popular young men and women when they are not in their superhero garb. It's no wonder that children feel more confident and proud of themselves when they are able to wear a power ranger costume.

Dressing up is a part of every normal childhood since it allows children to expand their imagination and play pretend. It also teaches social cues such as turn taking, polite manners, and collaboration with others. The world that is created by children who are dressing up is an imaginary place that two or more people work together to make up. Listening and implementing the ideas of their friends is just one skill kids learn during this dress-up game.

Source by Monica Page

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