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The Great Romantic Eras of American History

There are certain historical eras that have produced more than a fair share of fiction in books and movies. Time periods that have within them certain styles and attitudes that seem to have a lasting appeal. Eras of rough and rowdy male characters that are of endless fascination to young females even though they may be despicable, reprehensible and even criminal, but still they are loved by the ladies. Even anticipating the founding of the country the now popular Pirates of the Caribbean are iconic as the original bad boys. One hundred years later come the cowboys and one hundred years after them, the Rock and Rollers. All three of these male stereotypes have certain things in common;

1. They all wear their hair long. Pirates, cowboys and rock and rollers are always depicted as having unusually long hair for the time periods in which they lived.

2. They all wear boots. Boots, scarves, large buckled belts and hats are the attire of all three groups. Basically, they all dress rather flamboyantly.

3. They live and travel in packs. Pirates, cowboys and rockers all live together with others of their ilk under the pretense of working together. Pirates live and travel on ships, cowboys travel together on horseback either herding cattle or running in outlaw gangs and of course, rockers travel as "rock bands" on buses as they tour to put on shows.

4. They all have bad health habits. All three social groups are notorious drinkers and drugs such as opium were popular both with cowboys and pirates. Rockers have a much wider selection of drugs from which to choose. These groups are also known as being sexually promiscuous and usually unencumbered by long term male / female relationships.

5. They all live at least somewhat outside of the law or polite society. They all live the lives they have chosen for themselves, nobody ever was raised specifically to become a pirate, a cowboy or a rock star.

There are some other groups such as outlaw bikers who also fit the same criteria but except for some exploitation movies in the 1960s and The Sons of Anarchy television series do not seem to be as romanticized. The lore of the pirates of the Seven Seas and the cowboy of the plains have been with us long enough to accumulate their stories will always be told around the campfire but only now is the rock and roller joining them in the mythology of America. One hundred years from now children may ask to hear the story of Blackbeard the Pirate, Billy the Kid or Mott the Hoople.

Source by Neal R Warner

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