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The Difference of Wedding Customs Between China and America

The wedding custom is an important element of different cultures. Different traditions and customs can be represented vividly in the wedding customs, so wedding customs are of meaningful symbolic customs.

Apparently, the wedding customs of China and America reveal the traditional cultures of the two countries. The difference of wedding customs between China and America reveals the difference in thinking model, value orientation, and code of conduct as well as religion beliefs of the two countries.

The culture can influence people’s acknowledgment and the opinion towards the outside world. Different countries own their different culture. So, there sure is the difference in the thinking model which is represented obliviously between the two types of cultures.

As the development of the communication, the two countries’ wedding ceremonies influence each other also. Moreover, the combination of the two counties’ wedding ceremony shows that not only the culture conflict but also the culture combination exist. The thesis shows us a clear picture of the differences in the wedding customs between China and America and traces the reasons for the occurrence the differences.

The betrothal the preparation or things need to do after weddings are all different in the western and eastern countries.

The preparation for a Chinese traditional wedding day is complicated and busy. The installation of the bridal bed is an important element on the day before the wedding. An auspicious hour and a “good-luck woman” or “good-luck man”, that is a man or women with many children and living mates, will be selected to install a newly purchased bed. For the same reason, the bed was scattered with red dates, oranges, lotus seeds, peanuts, pomegranates and other fruits. Several chefs must be invited for preparing the wedding feast which usually takes place in the courtyard of the boy’s house. The bride has to bathe in water infused a variety of grapefruit the night before the wedding day to cleanse her evil and soften her skin.

There always a honeymoon after the wedding in America but which is not the must-have for Chinese pairs. From the ancient Anglo- Saxon customs, the groom needs to take his bride away immediately after the wedding to avoid the robbing of the bride by another man. Now honey moon is no more regarded as of this purpose, it is the most happy and expectable time for the new pair as the celebration of their new marriage.

Source by Katherine Lee

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