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The Church And Divorce – Faith Heals Heartbreaks

Divorce is often condemned by so called religious people. Many people at church may start disliking you when they hear that you have taken divorce. Such people often remain in and marriages rather than get out. We are not trying to insist that religion is wrong. In fact every religion allows divorce under certain specific conditions but we are not going to get into that.

Is it not the purpose of life to make it as fruitful and as part of did as you possibly can? Every issue in your personal life affects your happiness and the productivity of life itself. Never be accused of your decision to divorce if it has been taken to make your life better and more fruitful and happier. In your own belief system in tact, regardless of the fact that people may condemn you at times. People will condemn you at times no matter what you do, and you can not live life for other people.

Some couples choose to live together and have been the simply because that is what they believe the church wants them to do. Unfortunately there is nothing that can force you to love somebody and make a couple happy in spite of major differences of opinion. It is your life and if you feel you'll be happier away from your spouse maybe it is time to take that critical decision of divorce. On the other hand the right people at church will always stand by you even if you have made mistakes. Divorce is not an easy process and it is emotionally straining to anyone. At such a time why not choose a good person from church to give you some counseling? The pastor at church is usually the person who can help you out with problems like this. There is nothing more, floating than having an older friend who can guide you into making the right decisions for the future based on the word of God.

You can not make the right decision unless you have the right information. The church can give you the right information to lead the happy and fruitful life. State that information from a pastor or of friend and use it to make your own decisions. You would never be satisfied if you took decisions based on someone else's advice. Instead, they could help you buy a point you in the right direction of knowledge. Some people need counseling only for a day and some people needed for a few weeks. There's no shame in getting counseling and it is a smart thing to do when you know you are not in the right frame of mind to make the right decision for your life. At times counseling can even save a marriage and avoid divorce altogether, if that is still an option.

Source by Abhishek Agarwal

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