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The Best Cubic Zirconia Wedding Sets Versus the Least Believable CZ Rings

If you’re buying a set of CZ rings for your engagement or wedding chances are that you’d rather not publicize the fact that you couldn’t afford diamonds. Maybe everyone knows you’re on tight budget and won’t care but you would prefer to have the most believable looking bridal set you can afford. You’re wondering what the best cubic zirconia wedding sets cost, where to buy them, what things you should beware of while shopping, and you’re probably wondering exactly how to decide which sets will look the most believable. Here are some answers:

1. the best cubic zirconia wedding rings and bridal sets are those that are set in 14k gold. Why? Because the best stones will be set in the best metals. The second best will be those set in solid sterling silver. The worst will be the cheapest options, those that are set in base metals with a silver or gold plating, and these are not recommended for a wedding set because they won’t last very long.

2. where to buy the top CZ rings in bridal set designs and wedding creations that look real is easy. There are about 5 online shops that specialize in top quality cubic zirconia bridal quality sets and engagement rings. One of the best for gold items is Apples of Gold, and another is Almost Diamonds, although they tend to specialize in high quality silver creations. A third place to shop is Emitations, but try to choose smaller gemstone designs that look more real. The forth place is Eve’s Addiction, and the fifth shop that is fun to browse and has a wide selection of some of the best CZ sets is Bling Jewelry. Also just in case you want high end and antique styles, you can also try Ross Simons and Fantasy Jewelry Box as well as the JewelBasket. If you can’t find what you need at one of these places, you’ll have to get something custom designed.

3. what you should beware of while shopping for CZ rings that will be an important part of your life, such as weddings sets or engagement rings or anniversary gifts, is that you will not want to buy a very large CZ. Please beware that large stones look more fake than the ones that are under 1 carat in weight. Also, try to choose white or clear gems and not colored ones. Pink and yellow diamonds are rare and expensive and if you’re not wealthy it will be hard to believe you have a real set of pink or yellow diamond wedding rings.

4. so how can you decide which sets will be most believable? It’s very easy. Choose a real diamond set you love that’s not too outrageous, that would be something you might be able to afford….not something from dreamland, but really what might be in your budget if you earned just a little more. Then choose the basic or similar design and stone size in a CZ ring design. Do not choose a wild crazy huge sparkling gemstone and think that everyone will think you’re rich. They won’t. They’ll just think you’ve got poor taste. Also, try to spend more on the band and mounting, by buying real gold, white or yellow, or going with titanium. It’s better to have a smaller CZ in a gold band than a huge stone in a silver mounting.

Source by Nena Argent

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