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Thank You Notes – Tips, Etiquette and Wording Ideas to Communicate Your Gratitude

Thank you notes are making a comeback in a big way. They have been featured on episodes on Oprah. The handwritten thank you has also been used by business and corporate America to get ahead.

If you believe in The Secret or the Law of Attraction, then the thank you note is an ideal way to communicate to the world that you are open for appreciation and kindness–personally and professionally. Remember the more you express your gratitude, the more you will have to be grateful for.

Look for opportunities to show your gratitude. Here are some great opportunities to communicate with others and share your gratitude:

Ideal Occasions for Sending Thank You Notes or Thank You Cards

o Receipt of gift such as birthday, bridal shower, new baby

o To thank attendees for coming to a party or event such as wedding or retirement party

o Overnight guest in somebody's home

o To say thank you for a meal at someone's home or restaurant

o Thank you for the bonus at work

o Thank you to customer for making a purchase or continued patronage

o Thank you for a ride to the airport or to work

o Job interview

o Co-worker for contributing to a project or switching shifts

o Family member or friend for valuable advice or phone call

o Sending flowers

o Sympathy thank you letter

o Charitable contribution

o Thank you for business referral

o Thank you to volunteers

o Thank you to teacher, surgeon, doctor, medical donor

o Thank you for baby sitting, house-sitting, feeding pet while on vacation

Quick Tips for Your Thank You Notes

o With an exception to “thank for the add” use the words “Thank you.” It is classic for a reason.

o Use the word, “you” more than the word I–particularly in business. Studies at Duke University show that people that the word “you” is among the most persuasive and powerful words in the English language.

o Send your note ASAP. For job interviews the same day or the very next day for gifts or acts of kindness within two weeks. However, there is no statute of limitations on giving thanks. A late thank you is better than no thank you at all.

o Make sure to be specific instead of generic. This is easily done by mentioning the specific gift or favor and addressing the specific person or couple.

o Avoid “group thank you” notes. Each person (or couple) gets his or her own thank you note.

o Send it the old-fashioned way with a stamp. Unless you know for a fact the person prefers Email (especially in business or for major occasions such as weddings, baby showers, and christenings), put it in the mail.

Wording Ideas and Sample Thank You Note

Keep it short and simple. At a loss for words?

o Use a famous quote such as Shakespeare's, “I can no other answer make, but, thanks, and thanks.”

o Say thank you with a poem or verse.

o Use this basic template. “Thank you for (insert name of gift or favor). It was the/a (insert compliment such as perfect color or a wonderful meal). Your generosity (or kindness) is truly appreciated. Thanks again.”

Now you know the basics for spreading the gratefulness you have in your heart via a thank you note, thank you card, or letter. If you are feeling particularly sad or unappreciated at your job or in your personal life, there is no better cure than gratitude. If you feel like you are on top of the world, then keep those good vibes rolling by sharing your joy!

Gratitude diminishes sadness and multiplies joy. Thank you for reading this article.

Source by Christy Murphy

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