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Ten Inexpensive Wedding Ideas To Reduce Budget

Planning a wedding is also thinking about a budget. Inexpensive wedding ideas that will match the most of your desire and reality. If we look at the figures, an average wedding in United States costs a little more 12000 USD for a hundred guests, but it is obviously an average, and above all it does not mean anything like that. So regardless of the amount you planned to spend your day, there still have a few tricks to reduce the bill.

Ten Inexpensive Wedding Ideas

Below are 10 inexpensive wedding ideas to reduce budget of your wedding.

1. Set your priorities

Photo, caterer, instead, what matters to you most at heart? Once these points highlighted, it will be easier to devote to it, and therefore you dismiss what seems less necessary.

2. Get help!

Ask for help to friends. There can be among your loved one as the seam to help you make your kilometers garlands, or born calligrapher who will lend you a hand on the side of the envelopes.

3. Choose the right place!

Choose a reception area full of charm. Better to put 600 euros more for a pretty place, rather than 800 euros a decoration hides misery!

4. And geography

A wedding reception venue in the country, at the heart of our beautiful countryside will surely help you to lower the note over a Province marriage.

5. One for two

A wedding program for two, here’s a simple idea to reduce your D-Day stationery budget And I promise you that except your mother, your great aunt Eugenie, there is a good chance that your guests leave them on their chairs when you leave.

6. Advantage of the sales!

For your alliances, holding children, your accessories why not enjoy good business? Wedding dress side, know that many retailers offer dresses from past seasons when the collection change, the months of September and October.

7. Choose your favorite cake to replace the traditional wedding cake

If you are completely addicted to the Lemon meringue pie and other sweets of its kind, the pies bar is for you!

8. Forget the car married for rent

You will use it, go what, 30 good minutes between the church and the cocktail … You probably have another post that attribute these 300 USD rental? And then drive his own car, it can be rather fun! Wow, inexpensive wedding ideas.

9. Keep track of all your expenses

This may seem obvious, but if your famous wedding excels tables is updated, you are sure to meet the budget being conscientious and realistic option if the arrival balloon is not within your budget, it does not fall in your budget.

10. Long live the two in one!

Gifts for guests are also served up brand, or decoration on the table for example in the case of small succulents. Choose shoes that you can recover after marriage, or gentleman, a suit he can then easily see.

And you have other inexpensive wedding ideas, tricks that go, or you have helped reduce the bill? Feel free to share them in the comments section!

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