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Swing Into A Good Time With this Dance Theme Party

If you want to throw a dance theme party but you are not sure what type, consider throwing a swing dance party. Swing dancing is gaining a resurgence of popularity from coast to coast. Of course, there are lots of different styles of swing and lots of different styles of swing music so you may want to look into what is available in your area before determining exactly what type of swing party you will be hosting.

After you determine the guest list, you will want to spend a lot of consideration in selecting where you will hold the swing party and who will provide the music for it. You will want to be certain that your DJ has enough 40s-style swing music to make it worth your time to hire him. Also, consider hiring a dance instructor to give a simple dance lesson to the guests, especially if you are hosting pre-teen or teen age guests. Your guests will have seen swing dancing on television and in movies, but will really not have a full appreciation for the concept until they understand what swing dancing really is.

Decorations can be based upon the styles that were prevalent in the 40s and particularly around WWI styles. Consider having some dress up clothes that guests can put on and a painting backdrop with a flying ace or something there to take digital pictures of couples throughout the night to provide them with a great souvenir. Any time guests have a chance to dress up it is a time to let their hair down and have a lot of fun. Consider refreshments that are also time period appropriate. Things like burger bars, fries, and malts, shakes, or rootbeer floats will be the perfect compliments to your 40s Swing Dance Theme Party. Select colors and decorations that reflect the time period and watch everyone have a great time as they swing to their heart's content. Dance on!

Source by Gail Leino

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