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Stopping Tribalism, a Worldwide Challenge!

Robert Reich, former Secretary of Labor wrote, "Tribalism is Tearing America Apart." (3/25/14) The article stated, "Dems and GOP no longer share the same basic values ​​- and that nationhood is dead."

The dictionary states, "Tribalism is a way of thinking and behaving as people become more loyal to their tribe than their friends or country. Members have an intense feeling of a common identity as the tribe fills a need for social connections and a sense of belonging . "

American tribalism can be political. However, our biggest challenge is to educate citizens to stop tolerating leaders seeking to divide and conquer based on their need for power and control!

All forms of tribalism have devastating consequences!

The US government tried to negotiate with David Koresh, cult leader of the Branch Davidian. He refused to surrender and seventy-seven adults including 20 children died in a massive fire in Waco, Texas. Two years later to the date of the deaths, "Timothy McVeigh (not a Branch Davidian) bombarded the Alfred P. Murrah Building in Oklahoma City, supposedly as payback for the raid." (A)

The FBI and police attempt to stop tribal behavior but their efforts are only part of the solution.

ISIS is tribalism from the tenth century! Tribal leaders seek world domination as they force followers to serve distorted religious teachings. Men become warriors, women and girls are sold into slavery and, boys are trained to be ruthless killers. ISIS followers destroy all who disagree.

Free nations are at a crossroads in history. Terrorism will be defeated when nations unite and form military forces to destroy tribalism. However, military forces alone will not defeat evil.

The emergence of tribalism provides an opportunity for America to grow stronger and more resilient. Citizens must recognize primitive tribal behavior. City and community leaders can promote and help communities focus on neighborhood participation.

"We the People" must unite and demonstrate the power of good citizenship. Terrorism will not flourish when people of faith and good will work together. Free nations can create safer, more inclusive communities. Connected citizens provide support and strengthen families. Involved neighbors keep youth safe. When youth are connected to family and neighbors that care, they feel valued and will not become socially isolated. Connected youth do not join gangs, hate or terrorist groups.

Alexis de Tocqueville in 1838 promoted America in his book, "Democracy in America." He said, "civic virtues, active citizens, strong community associations" and "a conviction, shared with the ancient Greeks and Machiavelli, that good citizens matter more to free societies than good institutions." (B)

Our national and local leaders must find common ground to solve differences! Freedom-loving people need to be actively involved if we are to remain free and prosperous.

We must focus on community building and become the role model for democracy! That was the foundation that first made America great. The challenge for all Americans is to end tribalism and work together for peaceful coexistence.

(A) The 10 most Famous Cults in US History. Http://

(B) The Economist – Liberty and Democracy – "It took a Frenchman" "Alexis de Tocqueville's strong views on demagoguery and citizenship are worth remembering, as is clear from a splendid new biography."

Source by Stephanie L. Mann

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