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Some Spring Decorating Ideas For Your Apartment

Decorating can be just like picking an outfit to wear. Seasons can effect what is "in" and what is "out." So do not get heard off guard this Spring / Summer and pay close attention, as I am going to give you some tips for decorating your apartment this season.

Buckle Up!

Airy, Fruity Colors – Add some bright vibrant colors to your living room. Perhaps an orange lampshade and throw pillow, set by a light green rug or throw blanket. Match the color of your accessories with a freshly painted and vibrant wall. Stop by your local flea market in search of bright colored vases or other colorful pieces to place through and radiate the warmth of spring.

Do not Forget The Bedroom – Wrap your beds headboard with a bright colored fabric. it does not have to cover the whole thing, just part of it. Visit your local Target, Bed-Bath & Beyond, or other super store and pick out some "springy" new sheets, pillowcases, and a comforter. Have a big window in your bedroom? Cover it with a white sheer drape and then a bright colored curtain.

Springtime Centerpieces – We all know that the winter going away and the spring warmthrings flowers that last through the summer. Bring that natural decoration inside. Use fresh flowers as centerpieces! You might even float plants or flowers in a glass bowl as a center piece. Add a few floating votives to illuminate at night and you suddenly have a wonderful and conversational centerpiece. You might even go as simple as placing some bright colored fruit in a bowl and going with that. Simple, springy, and fun.

Accent the Plain Walls – Bare walls can be a bore, so be sure and accent them with some color. One easy way to do this is to take some cheap frames and frame colorful wrapping paper or art. Then hang a series of these on the walls. You might also look into peel-and-stick wall decals to place through your apartment. They are a cheap, easy way to get accessorize those walls. You can even use them on furniture, cabinets, and other flat surfaces that need a little dressing up.

One of my favorite wall decorating ides involves the cheap frames again. Take some cheap cardboard coasters and put each one inside their individual frame. Then hang them on a wall in a series to look at. Its a fun way to create some art.

The patterns – If you are looking for patterns rather than solid colors for your fabric materials, try large dots, stripes, shapes, and floral patterns. Nothing says spring like that. (And do not try things like duck or animal patterns … they just look kind of tacky)

Las Ventanas -Honestly, one of the best ways to "Springalize" any room is to do something new and bright with the windows. Whether its a new window treatment or hanging some stained glass or something else, changing this up will add a whole new dimension to any room.

Follow some of these little ideas or come up with your own. Either way, just remember that your apartment and how it looks is a reflection as you. Decorate! It's fun and fantastic.

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Source by T. Huguley

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