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Some Facts You Should Know About the Gladiator Sandals

One of the greatest reasons behind the tremendous vitality of fashion is that it derives its inspiration from a variety of sources. Sometimes, the cultural tribes influence the fashion and trend. An example of this can be found in the Aztec look. On the other hand, there are histories and legends that have played crucial roles in determining the design of the dresses and shoes. One of the most majestic examples of this can be found in the gladiator sandals.

Though the name associates itself with the legendary gladiators, one should not confuse the gladiator shoes with the metal leg guards that the gladiators used to wear to protect their legs. Ideally, those leg guards covered up to the thigh and even sometimes to the shin. However, the gladiators used to wear the shoes while fighting, though a few of them preferred to fight barefoot. In fact, the conventions of Rome insisted that a person wears shoes when making public appearance.

Well, one of the most popular shoes of that time was the sandals. They did not have the toe coverings. At the same time, there were shoes with the toe coverings that had straps to cover the ankles and some other parts of the feet. Well, the history of sandals is even richer than other shoes. In fact, experts believe that the sandals are the earliest crafted shoes. They were ideal for the Mediterranean climate and in the Roman Empire.

There were different types of roman sandals worn by different people at different occasions. For example, there were the red dyed shoes made especially for the patricians. On the other hand, there were shoes called caliga made for the roman soldiers. Similarly, there were the gladiator sandals worn by the gladiators on the arena.

Basically, the arena was covered with the sand so that it soaks the blood. At times, the gladiator sandals were studded with the hobnails. Sometimes, they wore the sandals and dresses that reveal their ethnic background. Sometimes, their dresses were designed to re-enact the battles. However, in most of the cases, leather was the material used to make the gladiator sandals.

In fact, evidences have been found that the Romans were expert in tanning and modifying the leather. Therefore, the gladiator sandals were of quite high quality. They could create the supple leather idea for the gladiator sandals. Ideally, the sole of the gladiator sandal was the thickest and the most durable part of the shoe. It is interesting to note that there were several layers of the gladiator shoes that make them even more resistant to stress. With the passage of time, the designs of women's shoes have evolved to become a major style statement of this era.

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